Dr. Anton Lewis

  Associate Professor
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  Office Location: G-191
  Office Hours: Monday 12.30 to 1.30pm & Weds 3.00pm - 6pm
  College: COB




Critical Race Theory
Racial Theory
Diversity Equity and Inclusion


"I am a tenured Associate Professor of Accounting at Governors State University, Illinois, where I primarily teach classes in undergraduate Financial Accounting, Intermediate Accounting and master’s level Accounting Research. I currently serve as a member of the Faculty Development Subcommittee for the College of Business.

By way of research, I am a Critical Race Theorist who investigates the lived experience of black accountants in the profession. My future research goals include expanding my research area to develop critical models and conceptual frameworks of multicultural diversity in government bodies and accountancy organizations in the United Kingdom and United States. As well as publishing in peer reviewed academic and industry journals, I have also published two books about Black professionalism, the first being ‘A Critical Analysis of The Black Accounting Experience in the U.K: Tales of Success And Failure in the British Professional Workplace’ and the second ‘Counting Black and White Beans: Critical Race Theory In Accounting’.

I am also a podcast host for the ‘Counting Black and White Beans Podcast' and have previously made monthly guest appearances on the NPR Radio Show Regionally Speaking - Regionally Speaking With Anton Lewis. To this end I also co-host the radio show Culture Wars hosted by myself every month, where I discuss current affairs through the lens of race and equity.

Currently, I am writing two more books in the area. The first ‘Accounting Fables’, uses the CRT Counter narrative method to explore issues of race and racism in the accounting profession and business as a whole. The Second book ‘Accounting and Race’ is an edited edition, the first of its type, that showcases extant race based Critical Accounting research from scholars around the globe. Both texts will be published by Emerald publishing and are slated to be finished by August and September 2024. Additionally, I have co-authored an article for the industry publication ‘The CPA Journal’ which is due to be published in the Fall 2023 edition, I am also the diversity columnist for the CPA Journal as well.

Finally, I am the founder of the Accounting and Race Forum, a diverse global think tank of accounting academics dedicated to finding ways to reduce racism in accounting while at the same time increase the number of accountants of Color at the highest levels of the profession."

- Dr. Anton Lewis, Ph.D.

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