Amanda Evans, M.A.

  University Lecturer, Senior Status
  708-534-4379ext. 4379
  Office Location: G392
  College: CEHD

Division of Psyc and Counseling



Amanda Evans, M.A, is a University Lecturer in the Division of Psychology and Counseling and has been a faculty member since 2016, prior to she was an adjunct professor starting in 2014. She earned her psychology from Governors State University and her M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Governors State University.

Currently, she has been involved in gathering information regarding trauma effects and retention in low income, minority college students. Having a clinical psychology background and working with clients who have experienced trauma provides her with valuable insight to a compassion-based focus to increase student retention. In addition to clinical skills, she held the position of Interim Director of the Advocating for Sexual Assault Prevention team which showed her the impact trauma can have on college students and the ability to continue to degree completion. Past efforts have come from the university wanting to become "trauma informed" which led to Amanda and colleagues tasked to the initiative. She has conducted numerous presentations to undergraduate students, Student Affairs, Paraprofessionals, First year Seminar faculty, student leaders as well as many K-12 schools in the surrounding area.


2102- Thinking and Writing
2410- Personality Theories
3201- Child Development
3203- Adulthood
3602- Health Psychology
3828- Understanding Men
4490- Physical and Sexual Abuse of Children