A. Buehler(Fulambarker) PhD, MSW

  Associate Professor
  708-235-7440ext. 7440
  Office Location: G113
  Office Hours: by Appointment
  College: CHHS

Social Work



"My research focuses on two distinct areas, one of which centers on social justice in social work education. Specifically, I am interested in engagement in social justice-related work in the classroom by using specific strategies or tools.

The goal of this work is two-fold:

  1. First, it provides a mechanism through which students can consider their social location and their identities.
  2. Second, it models specific strategies that students can use to engage in social justice work in the future.

The other focus of my research is on understanding police response to intimate partner violence. Working collaboratively with police officers in the field, I am interested in understanding officer decision-making, case outcomes, and their impact on intimate partner violence survivors and people who choose to use abuse. The goal of this work is to inform policy and social work practice in law enforcement settings. I see my research and partnership with law enforcement as a critical component of imagining responses outside of the criminal legal system to effectively address gender-based violence.

Related to these areas of research, I teach courses related to social policy, forensic social work, research and program evaluation."

- Dr. Anjali J. Buehler (Fulambarker)

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