Anthony Paul Andrews

  Associate Professor
  708-534-4058 ext. 4058
  Office Location: G–198
  Office Hours: Wednesdays 3:00 - 6:00 PM
  College: COB



University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
M.A. Economics (Macroeconomics)
M.A. Regional Science (Spatial Economics)
Ph.D. Regional Science (Spatial Economics)

Dissertation: The Impact of Labor Market Structure on the Location of the Firm: Theory and Empirical Evidence,
Committee: Masahisa Fujita, Lawrence Klein (Nobel Laureate), Janice Madden, and Thomas Reiner

Master’s Thesis: The Volatility of Long-Term Interest Rates Revisited - 1984
Advisor: Robert Shiller (Nobel Laureate)

University of Kansas
M.A. Economics (Theory)

Hampton University
B.A. Economics


Unemployment and Unemployment Compensation, Development Economics and Planning, Time Series Econometrics, Labor Economics, Income and Wage Inequality, Higher Education Economics, Political Economy, History of Economic Thought, Economics of Religion, Industrial Organization, and Industry Studies.


Modeling the Lewis Growth Rule for Developing Economies (2020) A. Andrews and O. and Ijose (Fall, 2021)

Volatility and Persistence in the Automobile Industry: Persistence as a Signal of Brand Loyalty. (Fall, 2020) A. Andrews

The Attractiveness of Regions as Sites for Global Value Chain Activities: The Impact of Formal Institutions, Journal of Scholastic Inquiry: Business,
Fall 2015, O. Ijose and A. Andrews.

Exports, Imports, and Economic Growth in Liberia: A Vector Autoregression Analysis, Journal of Management and Public Practice, Volume 16(3), 2015.

The Toyota Crisis: An Economic, Operational and Strategic Analysis of the Massive Recall, Management Research Review 2011, with John Simon, Feng Tian, and Jun Zhao.

Assessing Liberia’s Economic Performance and its Impact on Mano River Union Members: 1960 – 1992, Liberian Studies Journal, Fall 2002.


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2020 The Spatial Distribution of Selected African American Churches and their Economic Development Impact on Inequality (Sabbatical, Spring 2020)

2020 Unemployment and Unemployment Compensation in the US and UK: A VAR Approach

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