Rama Diab

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  College: DDP



My name is Rama Diab and I am a transfer student at GSU. I’m majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in middle grades and ESL education


Involvement on campus: 

  1. Orientation leader
  2. Officer for the Student Education Association 
  3. Member of Dual Degree Program and Student Leadership Institute
  4. GovState College of Education Advocate for the Marketing and Communication Team 


* Some hobbies and interests:


  • Watching Arabic t.v. show
  • Public speaking 
  • Seeking new educational opportunities 
  • Trying new coffee places with friend


I love helping new college student and guide them to the appropriate resources on campus. I look forward to assist new college students, especially during this pandemic and guide them with the tools needed for their academic completion. My hope is to make their college experience a rewarding one. Finally, I believe all students can succeed if they manage their time wisely, seek the the help they need, and take advantage of the resources offered on campus!