Efficient and effective supply chains and processes are rarely considered as drivers of revenue but are integral to the competitiveness of a business. Our consulting solutions are focused on driving efficiency in internal operations and delivering scalable solutions to your supply chain challenges.

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Process Improvement


We utilize best industry practices to – Continuous Improvement, Business Process Improvement, Lean Six Sigma and Business Process Management – to diagnose, formulate and help implement and execute solutions to complex process challenges. We are committed to helping you achieve process improvements that lead to higher levels of performance.

Supply Chain Optimization


We map, review and help you fine-tune your supply chain to generate maximum performance. We examine all direct and indirect linkages and help you understand domestic and global economic conditions and changing customer needs. Our objective is to help you develop supply chains that are flexible yet able to help you meet your obligations in a timely and effective manner.

Incubator Services

We provide incubator services that assist existing and emerging businesses explore their technology based ideas to solving complex business challenges. We help implement, commercialize and bring solutions to the market in a manner that is sustainable and accretive to revenue generation and job creation.

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Business Incubation


We provide shared and single office space, meeting rooms, strategy support, shared administrative and office services and access to high speed internet and to specialized computer equipment software and databases. Membership type is ideal for an entrepreneur wanting to develop and commercialize a technology based idea to solving a complex supply chain, logistics or business challenge or for a business wanting to incubate its innovation activities outside of its premises.



If you want to work with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs but don’t need an incubator support, our collaborative work spaces are for you. As a member, you will have access to advisors and professional support to help you develop your ideas. You will of course be able to brainstorm and mingle with like-minded entrepreneurs. Membership type is ideal for the entrepreneur who prefers to work in an office-type environment and not at home or in a coffee shop.