Stop the violence hand

Those experiencing violence or its aftermath find it impacts almost every area of their lives. Researchers are examining the often missed costs of this crisis.


Impact on Relationships


Watch the TedTalk of educator, Jackson Katz, on preventing sexual violence against women.

Why violence against women is a men's issue.


Medical Impact


Is Violence an Infectious disease and can we “cure” it? 

Hear Dr. Gary Slutkin, MD from the University of Illinois, Chicago School of Public Health and founder of the Interrupters project talk about his work.

Can you "cure" violence?


Asthma and Violence 

Is there a tie between the frequency and severity of asthma attacks and violence? The medical community thinks there is. Violence a new trigger for asthma.

Asthma Study: New University of Pennsylvania study links asthma and violence.


Educational Impact

Children and violence

What happens when schoolchildren live in violent neighborhoods?