PLA Self-Assessment

See if Prior Learning Assessment is Right for You

This quiz is designed to help you understand your options for earning credit through Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), which is a process that enables you to earn credit for college-level knowledge you have acquired outside the traditional classroom that is equivalent to what would have been learned in a college course on the same subject. This includes knowledge gained through professional and military training, work, licenses and certifications you possess and other experiences, including credit-by-exam programs and portfolio assessment. 

The PLA Self-Assessment takes only a few minutes to complete. If you're a current Governors State University student, please include your GSU ID number.

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Prior learning assessment (PLA) refers to a collection of credit-earning methods used to earn credit for the college-level knowledge you have acquired through work, training and other college-level learning completed outside of a traditional college. Have you previously earned any credit for your prior learning through any method?*  


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 Have you previously taken a prior learning assessment guidance course elsewhere?  



 Are you fluent in a Foreign Language?*  


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 Have you earned credit for college-level composition writing skills?*


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 Would you say that you are now comfortable with composition-style research and writing?*


Have you earned credit elsewhere through a portfolio assessment process, to be transferred to GSU?*


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Are you comfortable with taking standardized exams to earn college credit?*


Have you taken any CLEP® or DSST® exams, or exams for which credit was awarded?*


Do you hold certifications, licenses, training, workplace or industry credentials that might be worth college credit?*


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 Have you completed any noncredit or open courses?*


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Do you have any expertise for which you have taught credit-bearing college courses?*


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Do you have formal or informal part-time or full-time work experience?*




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Are you involved with any hobbies and interests for which credit might be earned?*



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Are you able to produce evidence of learning (letters of support, samples of your work, training certificates)?*




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Do you still have questions about the possibility of earning college credit for what you already know?




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