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Mathematicians and statisticians analyze data and apply mathematical and statistical techniques to help solve real-world problems in business, engineering, healthcare, and other fields. Governors State’s Master of Science in Mathematicscovers a wide range of mathematics including abstract algebra, probability and statistics, combinatorics, advanced calculus, Artificial Intelligence (AI), the history of mathematics, financial mathematics, and mathematical modeling while emphasizing both the applied and theoretical aspects of these disciplines. 

Reach your career goals.

As a student of the Mathematics M.S., you will receive intensive training in both applied and theoretical mathematics, allowing you to focus your professional goals in your academic interests.

Applied mathematicians typically work in alignment with individuals in other occupations—such as chemists, materials scientists, chemical engineers, and industrial designers—to test and analyze product effectiveness.

Theoretical mathematicians study theoretical or abstract mathematical concepts as they identify, research, and resolveunexplained issues in mathematics. They are concerned primarily with exploring new areas and relationships of mathematical theories to increase knowledge and understanding about the field.

Why get a Master of Science in Mathematics?

With an M.S. in Mathematics, you will gain valuable skills in problem solving and mathematical inquiry, qualifying you to pursue a career using mathematics or to continue your studies at the Ph.D. level. Many mathematicians use their skillset to pursue careers in fields such as computer programming, system analysis, statistics, or data science and analytics.

Data collected in 2018 reflects the median annual salary for mathematicians at $101,900, while the mean annual wage is listed as $104,870(Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Delivery Format 

Achieve your master’s degree in as little as 18 months. Governors State’s 34-credit hour Mathematics M.S. is offered fully on-campus or in a hybrid format. Enroll full-time to jumpstart your career or part-time for added flexibility.

  • Rob-Belin

    Robert Belin

    Going back to school for my MS in Mathematics after a significant layoff from academic study was initially a terrifying thought. However, my personal advisor, Dr. Galante, made my transition seamless. She tailored the course of action I needed to take and suggested courses to advance my skill set as a professional educator--and did they ever. Other professors took time to clarify difficult mathematical ideas and encourage me when I felt I couldn’t go any farther. I highly endorse this program without reservation.

  • Chris-Tweddle

    Dr. J. Christopher Tweddle, Assistant Professor of Mathematics

    Students in the M.S. of Mathematics program develop problem-solving skills that apply in the real world. Many of them focus their thesis project on the concepts of mathematical modeling and come up with great solutions, like how to most efficiently board an airplane or where to locate fire stations to minimize response time. Last year, I co-wrote a paper with a student using mathematical modeling to show how humans could survive in a zombie apocalypse—these models can be real or theoretical, but are always beneficial.

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