The GSU experience is different at every stage of your education—and for good reason. Your needs change as you develop your skills, discover your passion, and prepare yourself for your professional journey ahead. But you also need a path that directs you from where you are to where you want to go. Here’s a snapshot of an undergraduate pathway at GSU.

Freshman Year

As a GSU freshman, you’ll join an intimate freshman class capped at 300 students. Attend full-time, daytime courses in one of our three learning communities , also known as cohorts, where you’ll experience a cooperative learning environment made up of peers and mentors extending your education far beyond traditional career preparation. Your academic advisor will ready you for success by providing a structured, full-time schedule custom-built to keep you on track to finish college in four years. Every freshman receives a free laptop and enrolls in First Year Seminar, a foundational humanities course that prepares you for a strong academic experience.

On weekdays, you’ll attend classes with your fellow learning community students. After class, dive into life at GSU by attending athletics events, theatrical performances, or get a head start on becoming a student leader by joining a club or organization. Don’t forget to budget time for studying: find a spot in the Lakeside Lounge, or book one of the Library’s reservable group study rooms equipped with smart technology.

Writing is a skill that you will strengthen throughout your undergraduate experience, and it will extend well into your professional life, no matter what your chosen career—that’s why it’s at the heart of our curriculum. As a freshman, you will take First-Year Writing courses and may have an embedded Supplemental Instructor who will guide you through learning academic writing at the college level.

If you are transferring from another accredited college or university with less than 24 credit hours, you will enroll as a freshman metamajor. Consult with your advisor to determine how your credits will transfer.

Sophomore Year

By sophomore year, you’ve learned your way around campus and have gotten into the rhythm of life at GSU. But there’s still a lot left to experience. If you haven’t already, this is a great time to join a student club or organization—or if you have, begin stepping up by running for a board member position to gain valuable leadership skills that will last a lifetime.

During your sophomore year, you’ll focus your academic interests by selecting a major that brings your mission to life. Select a major from one of our colleges, such as the College of Education, College of Health and Human Services, College of Arts and Sciences, or the AACSB-accredited College of Business.

Sophomore year is also the perfect time to begin planning a Study Abroad trip. Opportunities are available around the globe in locations like Thailand, France, and Nigeria, exposing you to distinct cultural and academic settings unlike anything you’ve experienced in the U.S.

Junior Year

Whether you have completed the first two years of your undergraduate experience at GSU or at a community college, the junior year is where you will enter your upper-level courses with other students on the same career trajectory. Together, you will navigate the junior experience. You won’t lose the small-campus feel, though—our average class size is 18 students through all undergraduate courses.

The junior year is a common time for transfer and DDP students to begin their journey at GSU. Our campus resources are dedicated to helping you navigate the undergraduate experience—from the Center for the Junior Year to Student Life, you’ll receive the support to make your transition seamless.

Experience a real-world education as you delve deeply into your major by taking advantage of many on-campus opportunities for professional development. Our CJY is here to help you connect your passion to your purpose. Visit Career Services to learn valuable ways to build your interview skills, prepare your résumé, and attend career and internship fairs.

Senior Year

Senior year: a time for leadership opportunities, resume prepping—and senioritis. Avoid the notorious last-year jitters by taking advantage of the opportunities across campus (and beyond) that will help you stand apart when you begin your career search or graduate studies and help you make the final memories of your undergraduate experience.

The final year of your undergraduate experience culminates with a Senior Capstone course. Demonstrate your academic achievement through a cumulative project that shows off the accomplishment of four years of study. Many of our seniors create capstone projects with real-life impact, touching the lives of community members on and off-campus.


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