There are numerous benefits to living on campus including convenience, opportunities to develop life-long friendships and a living environment that fosters the educational and personal growth of each student.

If that's not enough, you'll also benefit from:

  • No commute
  • Community activities and programs
  • Opportunity to take on leadership roles in your community with Hall Council and other
    student organizations
  • Develop relationships with a diverse population of people
  • Being able to participate in a late night study group without the concern of having to drive home late at night
  • Housing cost billed directly to your student account
  • Rates include electricity, heat, water, sewer, waste removal, Internet connection and
    cable-television service
  • Free wireless access as well as computer network port for each student
  • Free laundry services for Prairie Place residents
  • 24/7 electronic access control to student living areas
  • Convenience store right in your hall
  • High standards for facility cleanliness and repair
  • Opportunity to create memories to last a lifetime and meet other people who will
    likely be friends for life
Substance Free Housing

Substance Free Housing is also available to all students who would like to live in a supportive community dedicated to a lifestyle free of alcohol, nicotine and use of illegal drugs. Residents in Substance Free Housing may not:

  • Have in their possession tobacco products of any kind, regardless of whether they are actually used.
  • Consume alcoholic beverages and/or participate in behavior stemming from their use.
  • Be in the presence of illegal drugs and paraphernalia or promote drug culture.