Thank you for taking the time to visit our Web Site. The men and women of the Governors State University Police Department are true professionals committed to providing police services at a higher level. We are devoted to excellence in customer service and view every contact as an opportunity to build positive relationships. Our goal is to exceed community expectations by taking the extra steps and going above and beyond what is expected. 


James R. McGee

Director/Chief of Police


Mission Statement

The Mission and Values of the Campus Police Department
The Campus Police Department proudly serves Governors State University. Our mission is: To protect life and property; to identify and prevent any criminal activity that may occur; to apprehend and assist in the prosecution of any person who commits a crime on our campus; and to seek to identify community problems and solutions to those problems, so as to improve the overall quality of life in this community. The department values to accomplish our mission are: to provide a safe environment in which the community can work and live; to provide service to all in a manner that demonstrates respect and dignity for each person; to recognize that we serve a diverse community; to treat all persons fairly and equally; and to provide a strong commitment for the development of our employee's knowledge, training, abilities, and professionalism.

The Campus Police Department
The Department is located at C1375 in the main building. The department provides a full range of police services 24 hours a day, throughout the year. All Campus Police Officers are certified by the State of Illinois accordance with Illinois Compile Statutes, 110 ILCS 67-/15-45 (11). General services provided include: mobile and foot patrol, criminal investigation of all misdemeanors and felony crimes committed on campus, traffic enforcement, crash investigation, emergency response for all type emergencies, and crime prevention programs.

The Department has an excellent working relationship with all federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, which assures the delivery of professional police services. The Department has Combined Voluntary Cooperation and Operational Mutual Aid Agreements with the Will County Sheriff's Department, and local law enforcement agencies. All agencies are available to assist upon request. Communications and coordination with all agencies are maintained via computer, radio, and telephonic communication capabilities.