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Pathways to Academic Recovery Program

We know that transitioning during your first semester of college can be a challenge.  There are many unforeseen obstacles that may have offset you from reaching your personal and academic goals.  Don't be discouraged!  Now that you have experienced a semester or two of college life, brush off the dust from last semester and focus on a new start!  To get you back on track, GSU designed a Pathways to Academic Recovery Program to help you attain your goals.  This Program gives students the additional support needed to be successful.  All freshmen placed on academic probation are required to enroll in the Pathways to Academic Recovery Program that will be scheduled by your academic advisor.


Pathways to Academic Recovery course will be held the first week of classes in Spring 2022:

The course will be listed as SSC-0099 on the student's schedule.  Students are asked to take this class seriously, for this is a 15 week program with a pass/fail grade.  This course will allow students to learn about what it means to be on academic probation, build on academic skills, and help develop positive behaviors to be successful in college. 


For further information, please contact the Academic Resource Center at