Employment Rates

Employment rates of the program's graduates are high. During the past three academic years (2019-2020 through 2020-2021), 100 percent of our graduates were employed as physical therapists within six months of passing the license examination.


Academic Year 

 Graduation Rates (%)   

   License Exam Pass Rate (%)

Percent of Graduates Employed Within Six Months of Passing License Exam(%) 

 2021 -202297N/A100
 2020 - 20219497  100
 2019 - 202097100100

Two-Year Average 




Licensure Examination Pass Rate

The licensure examination pass rate is high. The weighted average ultimate pass rate (%) for the graduating 2018, 2019, and 2020 cohorts is 98.4%.

Graduation rates are very high. The Doctor of Physical Therapy program has one of the highest retention rates in the university. Occasionally, students complete the program within 150% of the normally expected time, voluntarily withdraw, or do not complete the program for a variety of academic and non-academic reasons. The graduation rate for the past three academic years is presented below.

Academic Year 

Number (#)
Completed Program Within
Expected Time

Number (#)
Completed Program Within
150% of the normally expected time.

Number (#) Not

Graduation Rate (% Completing Within 150% of the Normally Expected Time)

2021-202234 1197

Most Recent Two-Year Average