Welcome to our new Department of Communications Disorders Photo Book!

The Communication Disorders department and Family Development Center partner so that our graduate students can provide speech/language services (evaluation and treatment) to students at the FDC. The pre-school age children are also identified through their teachers as having a speech/language need.  CDIS students provide FDC identification through screenings several times per year. GSU Lecturer Elaine Reyna and Claudia Nguyen (Health director at the FDC) have been working together to get this in place since Spring ’21.

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On April 5th 2022 GSU Intellectual Life Committee sponsored a special event  for the GSU community, Integration of Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC): Practical Strategies led by Heather Miller AAC specialist and Speech Language Pathologist.  

Our awarded Intellectual Life Grant is focused on a student, staff, and GSU community workshop introducing the GSU community to augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) and unlocking communication barriers with individuals who utilize AAC devices in the community.  Event photos below...