The Pre-Law Minor program of study is open to undergraduate students university-wide. It will support the development of students who wish to pursue a legal education, and will assist students in the program with LSAT preparation, drafting of individual personal statements, creating law school attractive undergraduate profiles, providing advice on securing proper letters of recommendation, counseling on selecting appropriate law schools, and assisting with the application process.

Students who complete the Pre-Law Minor program will gain better access to law school, legal careers, and methods of financing their legal education, and will provide them professional networking opportunities that will benefit them during the law school application process, during their matriculation in law school, and following law school graduation.

Minor Requirements

Requirements for the Pre-Law Minor

Students must meet all university requirements for a minor.  Students may submit up to 9 hours of equivalent transfer courses (acceptability of transfer courses determined by the Pre-Law Advisor). In addition, students must:

Advisor Information


Contact Undergraduate Advising



Vincent Jones
Associate Professor