The GSU Honors College Student Council is committed to providing an effective communication bridge between faculty, staff, and honors college students. We seek to model exceptional leadership, enhance learning experiences, develop innovative initiatives and promoting connections in and out of the classroom–in order to engage students in the GSU local and global communities.

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Message from the Student Council Co-Chairs

Co-Chairs Logan Krska and Melanie O’Connell

My name is Logan Krska, and I am a Sophomore here at Governors State University. I’m majoring in Community Health with a minor in Psychology, and I plan to become a physical therapist. I joined the Honors College E-Board as the Freshman Representative in 2020, and I’m excited to begin my role as Co-Chair in the Fall 2021 semester. Outside of the Honors College, I am involved in many other clubs and organizations. Through Admissions, I work as a student ambassador and give tours of our university to incoming students. Additionally, I’m a peer mentor at GSU’s Center for the Junior year, where I aid my fellow students throughout their college careers. Lastly, I am a member of the Pre-Health Club.  

My name is Melanie O’Connell, and I am a Senior at Governors State. I am majoring in Elementary Education with a specialization in mathematics. I have been a part of the Honors College Student Council since 2018, for which I originally served as Secretary. I’m also a member of other organizations at the university, such as GSU’s dance company, Alpha Lambda Delta, and the Intellectual Life Committee. Being a part of the Honors Student Council E-Board has allowed me to meet so many people here at GSU, and I have been given several opportunities to grow as a student and a professional. As Co-Chair, I’m excited to work alongside Logan Krska this upcoming semester to help our dedicated honors students enhance their experience within the college.

GSU’s Honors College is not about taking “harder” classes; it is about doing more with our work in and out of the classroom. It is a college with a focus on building a community where members can interact with each other and engage in thought provoking discussions. We look forward to providing more services to help drive our fellow classmates toward success, as well as working with students and faculty to make long-lasting traditions here at GSU.

It is the responsibility of the co-chair to organize and lead the council’s meetings, as well as to represent the council on the college’s Faculty Advisory Board.


Logan Krska, Co-Chair

Melanie O’Connell, Co-Chair

Liam Kirschbaum, Treasurer

Lauren Frick, Secretary

Lorraine Selucky, Public Relations

Shaylnn Krause, Event Coordinator I

Dasaray Ransberry, Event Coordinator II

Mariam Ahmed, Freshman Representative

Brenda Salgado-Alverado, Transfer Representative I