Every academic year, the Honors College holds various events to benefit all honors students. These range from social mixers, fundraisers, and annual recognition ceremonies. Below you will find some of these gatherings that we developed:

Fall Semester (August - December)
  • Annual Pinning Ceremony
  • Annual Retreat
  • Student Council Social
  • Field Trip (e.g. Downtown, etc.)
Spring Semester (January - May)
  • Pizza and Ice Cream Social
  • HCIR Regional Conference
  • Spring Research Symposium
  • Annual Recognition Banquet


At the beginning of every school year, the Honors College hosts an annual team building event. It is a chance for honors students to come together to meet other students and participate in team building activities. There are many challenges the students face throughout the day and through dedicated teamwork and a bit of fun, the honors students have no problem beating the obstacles they face.

In Fall 2021, students took part in a "City As Text" in various neighborhoods of Downtown Chicago. Many experienced the city culture and the environment.

Pinning Ceremony

Honors College members posing for a photo at pinning ceremony

Our Annual Pinning Ceremony recognizes new students into the Honors College. As a social event, students are recognized among faculty, staff, and their parents. Upon recognition into the college, students receive a pin from the director.


Honors College members posing for a photo at banquet

Every April, the Honors College holds an End of Year Celebration. It is a night of good food, good friends, and celebration! The banquet is held to recognize the honors graduates as well as other honors students who have had accomplishments throughout the school year. Be sure to come out for a much deserved night out to celebrate another year of accomplishments with the GSU honors college!