Whether you love to watch and talk about films or have always wanted to make one, Governors State's Minor in Film program will expand your interest and skills in filmmaking. No matter what your major is–whether it be Communication, Education, Computer Science, Theatre, or Psychology–you will find benefits in our program that will advance your education and career.

We do it through teaching you cinematic story techniques. We do it through elevating your awareness of other cultures and ways of seeing. We do it through analyzing popcorn movies, art house movies, documentaries, and all short formats.

We watch films. We make films.

We will help you become a better storyteller and content creator in whatever line of work you plan to pursue.

You will receive guidance from critically acclaimed, award-winning filmmakers and dedicated faculty who will help you discover your cinematic vision.

Strengthen and diversify your Bachelor of Arts by joining Governors State's Minor in Film program today.

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Admission Requirements

Students discussing their films at the Chicago Southland Film Festival
There are no additional admission requirements for the Minor in Film beyond the university’s general admission requirements. If you have been accepted as an undergraduate student at Governors State, you are eligible to take our Film Minor classes.

For more information regarding the admissions process, please visit our Admissions webpage.

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Course Catalog and Program Requirements

Student using film camera
Learn about the group of specialized film classes that will develop and hone your skills–as well as other requirements to complete the program–in the Film Minor course catalog.

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Student and Faculty Testimonials


"Governors State's Film program encourages you to take your big ideas and turn them into a real production by providing you with the creative channels, skills, and knowledge you need to do it. My professors gave me the push to take strategic risks and follow my passion, which I now utilize in my current job."

Uriah Berryhill, Film Alum and TV Director/Producer


"Our Film program is all about authorship and encouraging the creative growth of individual writer-directors and photographers. Governors State's student and alumni films have screened at hundreds of international film festivals and won multiple awards. Our faculty has also received recognition from major entities such as the Guggenheim Foundation, the New York Times, and Roger Ebert."

Dan Nearing, Full Professor of Film



Professor showing students how to work film camera
Do not hesitate to ask! Feel free to contact your advisor or Film Minor professors Dan Nearing and Sanghoon Lee with any questions you might have.

Dan Nearing
Full Professor
Office Location: E2570

Sanghoon Lee
Full Professor
Office Location: E2561

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View the Complete Minor Requirements in the Academic Catalog