The Department of Occupational Therapy is dedicated to preparing the Occupational Therapists who will shape and lead the profession in the years to come. Our graduates are first and foremost Occupational Therapists, well-versed in the sciences and skills that enable clients to restore function and adapt to the new realities and limitations that follow life-altering events. The following programs are offered through our Department: Master of Occupational Therapy, MOT entry-level OT program. Doctor of Occupational Therapy, DrOT - post professional advanced degree. 

Master of Occupational Therapy Program


 The Master of Occupational Therapy program prepares the student to be an entry-level, generalist therapist ready to enter the field. Emphasis on the knowledge and skills needed to work with a variety of conditions, illnesses and injuries in a variety of settings. This program emphasizes an appreciation of the individual and imparts an understanding of cultural identities and responses.  Our graduates work to make the profession and its services available to all — and to eliminate the health disparities that exclude many from the level of care and participation they deserve.

Doctor of Occupational Therapy Program

The Doctor of Occupational Therapy program is a post-professional advanced degree. Students will advance the occupational therapy profession through education that will enrich your current clinical practice using evidence-informed research.  Prepare to innovate and lead in traditional and emerging areas of occupational therapy and develop scholarship skills that will open new pathways for opportunities in leadership, academia, research and healthcare advocacy.  

DrOT FACT sheet 

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