The Office of Economic Education is dedicated to increasing the quality and quantity of economic education in the GSU region. It accomplishes this mission by offering programs for students and training for educators in grades K - 12 to become better teachers of economics.

Sheryl Szot Gallaher, Director
Phone: 708.534.4926 Email:   

 Opportunities promoted by the Office of Economic Education include:

  • Fall and Spring conferences, at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, for teachers of grades 6 – 12: Topics of current interest are discussed by experts, and teachers learn how to apply concepts in their classrooms.
  • Economics Poster Contest for students in grades 1 – 8: Students illustrate economics concepts and are eligible for cash prizes and a chance for their drawing to appear in a statewide calendar.
  • Teach Children to Save Day for students in grades1 - 3: Bankers visit classrooms and read to students from books about saving. During the 45-minute session, the banker engages students in activities to enhance their understanding of why it’s important to save.    
  • The Stock Market Game for students in grades 5 – 12: The Stock Market Game is an on-line investing simulation that encourages students to work in teams, buying stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Real-time trading with $100,000 of imaginary money allows students to use research skills in choosing their investment options.
  • Graduate courses: The Office of Economic Education offers a number of graduate level courses for teachers who want to enhance their teaching of economics concepts. Courses are designed at all levels, from kindergarten to twelfth grade.
  • Workshops: Economic Education workshops are conducted periodically. These workshops target different grade levels and focus on strategies for teaching economics principles in reading, math and social studies classes.