GMAT/GRE Waiver Request


 ***Given the closing of many testing centers, we recognize the disruptive impact the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic may be having on your preparation to take the GMAT exam. In response, we are waiving the GMAT requirement for all applications through 2022 including Spring 2022, Summer 2022 and Fall 2022 starts.  ***


Admitted recipients, will be required to enroll and register in 2022. Any deferments to terms beyond 2022 may require a GMAT/GRE submission to complete your application packet unless you meet our regular GMAT/GRE waiver requirement based on GPA, graduate degree, or relevant work experience. We look forward to receiving your application material. Please contact Karen Blackman at if you need additional information. 

A recent GMAT or GRE score is required for graduate business program applicants (MBAMSA, MSBA), but some prospective applicants may be eligible for a waiver of the GMAT/GRE requirement. Waiver requests may be sent prior to submitting an application. Waivers are not guaranteed and must be approved by the COB Graduate Admissions Committee. The waiver review process may take up to one week.  

GMAT/GRE Waiver Options:

1. A G.P.A. of 3.5 or higher for the last 60 hours, from a regionally accredited college or university 

>Complete the waiver request form (Click here) 
2. A graduate degree from a regionally accredited college or university

>Complete the waiver request form (Click here) 
3. Five years of full time relevant work experience
>Complete the waiver request form (Click here) 
4. Guaranteed Admission for Current GSU Students or Recent Alumni 

> Visit to see requirements and separate form for Guaranteed Admission

 Contact for more information.