The mission of the Bachelor of Social Work Program at Governors State University is to prepare students, particularly the returning adult learner, for entry-level, professional social work practice as generalists in health and human service systems throughout the surrounding urban, suburban, and rural communities. This mission, and the goals that reflect it, are consistent with those of the university. The program is committed to serving culturally and economically diverse students, coming to the university, typically, from their first two years in the community colleges in the region, and from four-year institutions as well.  Building on a strong liberal arts base, the program provides quality professional educational experiences in partnership with a wide variety of community agencies and organizations in the entire metropolitan Chicago area, including the collar counties and some of the smaller, more rural southern counties. 

Our program places a unique emphasis on the concept of social justice, and we prepare our students to lead and support social justice action agendas. We teach them to develop the community resources that individuals and families rely on to live their lives with dignity and progress.