See below for RN to BSN Completion information and key links to important information regarding the Program.

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      Undergraduate Nursing Handbook and Policy Manual

      Undergraduate Nursing Student Handbook  
      Department of Nursing Policy Procedure Manual

        BSN Required Documents

        Below is a list of the documents required once you are admitted to the RN to BSN Completion Program:

         1. Required Forms:   

           2. CPR card   

           3. Personal Health Insurance
               4. RN license

               5. Personal Professional Liability Insurance
              (Company we recommend below - If not currently insured)
                      Health Care Providers Service Organization (HPSO)

              6. Criminal Background Check:

                       All students must go through a background check via the following link:               The package code for the GSU Nursing Department is GO01.

              Transfer Guides

              GSU has agreements with many area community colleges to help ensure proper transfer of courses. See link to Transfer Guides, below:

              Online Learning Resources

              To help make your e-learning experience smooth and successful, we've compiled a few resources you may find useful. 

              What technology do I need to take an online course?

               If you have never taken an online course before, you will first need to prepare your computer.

              Blackboard Student Tutorials

              Online classes are taught at GSU using an Internet platform known as Blackboard. We encourage you to take the Blackboard Student Tutorials; they provide valuable information and guidelines for the online learner.

                For a list of compatible browsers and plug-ins, please see Blackboard Help.

                • Or click here to fill out a Blackboard E-Mail Support Form.

                In addition to computer requirements, you will also discover the personal characteristics, academic skills, and technical skills necessary to succeed in online learning.

                Student Orientation Course

                The GSU Student Orientation course allows you to experience Blackboard 9.1 and learn skills such as how to navigate Blackboard, post discussions, send an email, and take a quiz. Once you have completed the course, you will be prepared to participate fully in online courses.

                All GSU students are automatically enrolled in the orientation course.You should be able to see the Blackboard Student Orientation Course, in your Course List, after you login to Blackboard. From the My Institution page, select the Blackboard Student Orientation Course title to open the course.


                Feel free to contact the Center for Active Engagement and Scholarship if you have any questions or difficulties in preparing your computer for your online course. 

                • Blackboard Support Phone: 1-708-534-4115


                  GSU Library Resources and Services for Nursing Programs


                  For additional information, contact:
                  Paul Blobaum, M.A., M.S.
                  Full Professor
                  College of Health and Human Services Librarian Liaison
                  Governors State University Library
                  University Park, IL  60484

                  Library Resource Guide

                  RN to BSN Fact Sheet coming soon