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The State of Illinois' health insurance plan is available to both Governors State University employees and their dependents who are eligible to receive benefits. Proof of dependent eligibility is required, see Dependent Documentation Requirements. The health insurance is a State of Illinois benefit, which requires participation by all full-time employees. Part-time employees may elect to waive health insurance coverage. Full-time employees may elect to opt out of the health, dental, and vision coverage with proof of enrollment in another comprehensive health plan.

There are two types of health care plans available: an Indemnity plan called the Quality Care Health Plan (QCHP), and Managed Care plans consisting of a Health Management Organization Plan (HMO), and an Open Access Plan (OAP). Not all Managed Care plans are available in all areas. Check with your benefits department to verify the plans available in your area.

If a plan selection is not made within the first 10 days of employment, employees are automatically defaulted into the QCHP. Dependents will not be eligible for coverage until the next Benefit Choice period, or, if experiencing a Qualifying Change of Status.

If an employee and the employee's spouse are both employees of the University or any other State of Illinois agency, each must be insured individually. Either or both spouse may elect health coverage for dependents; however, the same dependent cannot be enrolled under both spouses for the same type of health, dental or life coverage. The effective date of coverage begins on the first day of employment.  Dependent children are covered up to age 26 including married children. Semiannual re-certification is only required for disabled children.

Enrollment of a newborn child is guaranteed within 60 days of birth, but not automatic. Health insurance enrollment forms must be completed and submitted to the benefits unit within 60 days of the date of birth for the child to have vision coverage.

Information regarding health plan coverage may be accessed through the Illinois Department of Central Management Services: State Health Plan Coverage