Cellular Phone

Most cell phone providers have many options for customers to choose from including a contract option or a pre-paid option. These options vary from each provider including deposits, required documents, and calling costs. This list provided below is an overview of cell phone providers used most often in the Chicago area that do not require a Social Security Number. This is for informational purposes only. The Office of International Services does not endorse any of these providers.

Verizon »
Pre-Paid, Monthly Billing
Deposit required (returned with interest in 1 year), 190 international countries are covered.

AT&T »
Pre-Paid, Monthly Billing
Deposit set by store,  need 3 months of continuous good payments to add international service.

Sprint »
Monthly Billing
Need 2 valid IDs to set-up account in store, deposit required,  service based upon phone selected.

U.S. Cellular »
Only domestic calls allowed.

Virgin Mobile
Need cash balance to make international calls, call/look online for international coverage information.

Boost Mobile »
Pre-Paid Only
Only need to provide your name to set-up account, $10 international fee for calls to Mexico and Canada (unlimited text/walkie-talkie internationally).

Cricket »
Pre-Paid Only
No contracts, need credit, debit, or prepaid card to set-up account, coverage in 60 international countries.

T-Mobile »
Flex-Pay Plan
No credit check, student ID or Visa # needed, month-to-month plan.