Our Master of Business Administration degree program prepares you for positions of executive leadership. With a general management focus we have designed a program for students with business undergraduate degrees, but it prepares you equally as well if you have earned a degree in a field outside business.

The Governors State University MBA makes you competitive in today's demanding job market. With drive, determination and discipline you will be on your way to advancing your career and earning more money with the knowledge and skills you gained in the program.

Fact Sheet: Master of Business Administration


 Governors State University offers online and on-campus MBA options for students in either a part-time or full-time option. 

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  • Supplemental Application Requirements


    In addition to completing a university application for admission, paying the application fee, and submitting all official transcripts to the Office of Admissions, applicants must also submit the following documents listed below to the College of Business as part of their application package:

    1. Normally, applicants will be expected to have a 3.0 cumulative G.P.A. (on a 4.0 scale) in their last 60 credit hours;
    2. A GMAT or GRE score from tests administered within five years of the date of admission*;
    3. Two confidential Letters of Recommendation from professional references (e.g. current or former college faculty member, current or former work supervisor, or community leader;
    4. A two page, double-spaced statement of intent which discusses personal short- and long-term career goals, reasons for pursuing an MBA degree at this time and what about this particular program is going to help reach those goals. Please give specific personal examples of leadership and provide other pertinent information to help the committee select candidates who can benefit from and contribute to the program. The statement of intent offers applicants the opportunity to demonstrate writing and communication skills and supports candidacy for the MBA degree; and
    5. A current resume.

    *Note: The GMAT or GRE may be waived for applicants who have (1) an undergraduate G.P.A. of 3.5 or higher for the last 60 hours, from a regionally accredited college or university, or (2) a graduate degree from a regionally accredited college or university.

    Items may be submitted separately; however, the application will not be considered for admission by the College of Business Graduate Admission Committee until all items have been received.

    The supplemental documents listed above should be sent to:

    College of Business Graduate Admissions Committee
    Governors State University
    1 University Parkway, G281
    University Park, IL 60484
    You may also send these as attachments to rwilliams2@govst.edu via email

    View College of Business Graduate Admission Checklist  

  • Foundation Courses


    Prerequisite Competencies of grade “B” or higher required
    Students will be expected to show evidence of completion of appropriate course work in the following areas:
    1. Calculus
    2. Students must successfully complete collegial proficiency exams with a grade of 80% or higher (or equivalent courses) in MIS prior to enrolling in their second semester of coursework
    3. Written communications

    Foundation Courses* (12 Hours) Grade “B”or higher required

    • MGMT 6100 Foundations of Management and Marketing (3) (Equivalent: MGMT 3100 and MKTG 3100)
    • ECON 6100 Foundations of Economics (3) (Equivalent: ECON 2301 and ECON 2302)
    • MGMT 6700 Foundations of Managerial Statistics (3) (Equivalent: STAT 2700 and STAT 3700)
    • ACCT 6100 Foundations of Accounting and Finance (3) (Equivalent: ACCT2110, ACCT2111, and FIN3110)

    * Foundation courses may be waived on a course-by-course basis with appropriate academic preparation.
    Generally, students with an undergraduate degree in business completed within five years prior to application from a nationally or regionally accredited school, with a grade of “B” or higher have satisfied most of these requirements. Undergraduate equivalent courses that may be used to satisfy each required foundation course are noted. 

  • MBA Curriculum


    Degree Requirements
    I. Required Courses (24 Hours)
    ACCT 7101 Strategic Management Accounting (3)
    ECON 7500 Managerial Economics and Forecasting (3)
    FIN 7101 Financial Management (3)
    MGMT 7400 Operations Management: Strategies and Techniques (3)
    MGMT 7500 Organizational Behavior in the Global Context (3)
    MGMT 7600 International Business (3)
    MKTG 7100 Strategic Marketing (3)
    MIS 7101 Information Systems and Technology (3)

    II. Career Selectives or Specialization (9 Hours)
    A student has three options: (1) select a specialization from among those listed below; (2) select nine hours from any College of Business courses numbered 7000 or above; or (3) select nine hours of a group of specific courses to customize a specialization.
    Specialization Options in Catalog:
    1. Corporate Entrepreneurship
    2. Finance
    3. Human Resource Management
    4. International Business
    5. Management Information Systems
    6. Marketing
    7. Supply Chain Management

    III. Master's Final Project (3 Hours)
    MGMT 8900 Strategic Management in the Global Context (3)

    Total - 36 Hours (Graduate Core) and 12 hours (Graduate Foundation)

    Students must meet all university requirements and the collegial graduation requirements for a master's degree.

    Students will be required to take a standardized assessment test as a part of their capstone course to complete their degree. A fee of $35.00 will be charged at the time of registration for the course.

  • Career Selectives or Specialization


    A student has three options: (1) select a specialization from among those listed below; (2) select nine hours from any COB courses numbered 7000 or above; or (3) select nine hours of a group of specific courses to customize a specialization.

  • Finance Specialization


    The finance specialization prepares you for the challenges of leadership positions in business, government and industry as they relate to the functional areas of finance. 

    Choose three of the following courses (9 hours):
    FIN 7501 Investments (3)
    FIN 8101 Advanced Financial Management (3)
    FIN 8350 International Finance (3)
    FIN 8501 Derivatives (3)

  • Human Resource Management Specialization


    The human resource management specialization prepares you for leading both people and organizations.

    Complete 9 Hours (3 courses):
    MGMT 7300 Human Resource Management Strategies (3)
    MGMT 8300 Labor Management Relations (3)

    Select One of the Following Courses:
    MGMT 7200 Problems in Business Ethics (3)
    MGMT 8310 Human Resource Selection and Compensation (3)
    MGMT 8500 Leadership Dynamics (3)

  • Corporate Entrepreneurship Specialization


    The Corporate Entrepreneurship specialization is specifically designed to train you to help existing businesses compete in the new global, entrepreneurial economy. These courses foster the essential skills you need to compete successfully, to innovate as you problem solve, and increase the value of your MBA degree.  

    Take All Three Courses (9 hours):
    ENTR 7100 Principles of Corporate Entrepreneurship (3)
    ENTR 8100 Corporate Entrepreneurial Opportunity (3)
    ENTR 8500 Corporate Entrepreneurial Leadership (3)

  • International Business Specialization


    The international business specialization focuses on how business is conducted within the United States as well as in other countries. You will focus on learning how to serve customers in international markets, and how to take a local business global.

    Complete 9 Hours (3 courses):
    FIN 8350 International Finance (3)
    MKTG 8600 International Marketing (3)
    MGMT 8610 International Business Strategy and Organizations (3)

  • Management Info Systems Specialization


    The specialization in management information systems provides you with a vital link between management and technology so you can successfully manage the information systems within an organization.

    Choose Three of the Following Courses (9 hours):

    MIS 7201 Systems Analysis and Design (3)
    MIS 7401 Database Development and Implementation (3)
    MIS 7601 Distributed and Network Systems (3)
    MIS 7700 ERP Systems (3)


  • Marketing Specialization


    The marketing specialization prepares you to manage the process of developing consumer audiences and moving products from producers to consumers.

    Choose Three of the Following Courses (9 hours):

    MKTG 8000 Selected Contemporary Issues in Marketing (3)
    MKTG 8200 Buyer Behavior (3)
    MKTG 8300 Marketing Information: Methods and Analysis (3)
    MKTG 8600 International Marketing (3)

  • Supply Chain Management Specialization


    The supply chain management specialization assists you in identification, acquisition, access, positioning and management of resources an organization requires to meet its strategic goals.

    Complete 9 Hours (3 courses):
    MGMT 8400 Global Supply Chain Management (3)
    MGMT 8410 Logistices, Transportation, and Warehouse Management (3)

    Select One of the Following Courses:
    MGMT 8440 Project Management (3)
    MGMT 8420 Decision Models in Supply Chain Management (3)
    MGMT 8430 Strategic Procurement and Materials Management (3)

  • Custom Specialization


    This customized specialization allows you maximum flexibility to put together a set of courses to best meet your needs as an organizational leader.

    Select Your Own Courses (9 hours):

    Option 1: Select 9 hours from any College of Business courses 7000 level or above from Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Management, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Public Administration

    Option 2: Select 9 hours from a group of specific custom courses.
    Please consult your Academic Advisor for guidance on creating a custom specialization.