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Health administrators require a deep understanding of policy, management, and law. Enter or advance your career in the rapidly expanding healthcare industry with Governors State’s Master of Health Administration (MHA). With an MHA, you will learn to manage regulatory procedures, financial concerns, legal issues, human resources, technology, policy-making, and public relations in medical settings.

 Demand for health administrators is growing as measures in policy change and cost control continue to increase. With an MHA, your mastery of all aspects of the healthcare industry will equip you to enter this evolving field—all while keeping the patient’s experience at the center of your studies.  

 Reach your career goals.

 In the Master of Health Administration program, you will obtain the skills needed to optimize medical care for patients while improving efficiency and profitability for medical care facilities. Our comprehensive program covers a breadth of information to ensure that you enter the field with a strong foundational knowledge of all areas of healthcare administration, including research methods, quality improvement, and human resources.

 Why get a Master of Health Administration?

 As you complete your studies in the comprehensive MHA curriculum, you’ll gain a well-rounded skillset that includes strategic planning, human resources, informatics, policy, economics, research methods, quantitative decision-making, community health, and management, among others.


  The Master of Health Administration program (MHA) is reaccredited in AY17/18 for three years with a probationary status by the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME) ( We will continue to strive for meeting CAHME’s highest standard of excellence. GSU is one of three Illinois Public Universities, and one of four programs in the entire state of Illinois that offer CAHME-accredited MHA program.. Prospective students know that selecting a CAHME accredited healthcare management program means they are assured the program accepts and strives to be exceptional. While many colleges and universities purport to offer training for this demanding field, programs that seek and maintain CAHME accreditation have gone further. They’ve adopted the philosophy that accreditation is a Continuous Quality Improvement process.  

  • Without accreditation, quality is hard to distinguish. The lack of an accrediting process leaves students unsure of the quality of the educational experience. 
  • Employers want assurance that graduate’s learning and experience properly prepared them for the wide variety of management responsibilities they will encounter. 
Data collected in 2017 reflected the median annual salary Medical and Health Services Managers at $96,540 with an average range of $73,710 – $127,030 ( Bureau of Labor Statistics). Chicago’s median salary for Medical and Health Services Managers is $107,210.



Delivery Format

Achieve your master’s degree in as little as two and ½ years. Governors State’s 54-credit hour Master of Health Administration is offered fully on-campus or in a hybrid format. Enroll full-time to jump start your career or part-time for added flexibility.


  • Lisa-Purdy

    Lisa Purdy, Graduate Assistant in the College of Health and Human Services

    The MHA faculty members encourage students to get out in the field by passing along opportunities. I’ve had the chance to co-author research with one of my professors—together, we studied the Affordable Care Act and how its implementation has affected populations of people both with and without diseases. I was also able to present a grant to the GSU community, an opportunity I am so grateful for.

  • CHHS_MHA_delawniacomerhagans

    Dr. DeLawnia Comer-Hagans, Associate Professor of Health Administration

    The MHA program at Governors State University offers courses in the evening for working adults, and courses during the day for full-time students. The students and faculty come from diverse backgrounds. Our faculty are very knowledgeable and either work or have worked in the health administration field. We want you to be successful in the program, and there are many ways to participate and become actively involved. For example, we have a Student Health Care Management Association (SHCMA) where students have the opportunity to network with peers and health care leaders across the greater Chicago area.

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