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  • Sonya-Lorelle

    Dr. Sonya Lorelle, Counselor Education and Supervision Program Coordinator

    As a faculty member of the Counselor Education and Supervision Ed.D. program, I am proud of the extent of our collective dedication to student growth. We offer mentorship in personal and approachable ways and provide opportunities to learn and grow outside of the classroom, such as brown bag lunches to help prepare for comps, research teams, and collaborating with students through opportunities in co-teaching, co-presenting, and co-writing for conferences and publications. The program focuses on diversity—a topic that is woven throughout the curriculum. Students prepare advocacy projects in class and can take advantage of hands-on experience with diversity through international study abroad opportunities. The curriculum addresses all areas of the CACREP, and its cohort model benefits students tremendously as they develop a bond and support that helps them grow professionally throughout the program.

  • Leslie-Contos

    Leslie Contos, Counselor Education and Supervision student

    As a CES student, I am part of a cohesive cohort of smart and caring students who are my second family. My cohort attends classes on Tuesday evenings, allowing us to balance work and school at the same time. Professors in the program are caring and actively engaged and not only teach but model excellence in counselor education, qualities which are reflected in GSU’s CACREP accreditation When I hear a master’s level student talking about possible doctoral programs, I enthusiastically share how much I love this program, the faculty, and students. I witness doors opening as I watch alumni of the program find positions teaching at area universities. I expect the connections I make in this program will last a lifetime, and I am honored to be a part of the story of GSU.

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