Know your rights and responsibilities!

Coordinated by the Office of the Dean of Students, GSU’s Community Standards program strives to promote a safe and secure community while upholding the rights of all community members. The Student Code of Conduct (Policy 4) is the primary policy used to outline the University’s expectations for students and the role that they play in our community. 

This Community Standards student handbook outlines the administrative procedures used in addressing the conduct of students and/or recognized student clubs/organizations that fail to abide by the University’s community standards.If you have any questions or concerns about your student rights and responsibilities, please feel free to visit us.

Office of the Dean of Students: A2134
Phone Number: 708.235.2845


Community Standards Program Staff:


Student Concerns

The Student Concerns Program is designed to ensure timely outreach to students that are believed to be in distress or acting in a manner of concern, and connect them to resources best suited to address the conveyed concern. Since faculty and staff play a key role in identifying students who are in distress, the Student Concerns Program depends on referrals that identify students who might benefit from proactive outreach and assistance.

To learn more about the Student Concerns Program please visit

Click here to report a concern - Student Concerns Report

Student Conduct

Student Conduct Resources:

Educational Sanction Paperwork



To submit a complete academic misconduct report (CLICK HERE) 


*The Office of the Dean of Students only tracks academic misconduct.*

Student Advocacy

Student Advocacy at GSU is designed to empower students with the resources to make informed choices and take a proactive stance in the resolution process.


We will:

  • Offer a safe space for all students to discuss complaints, concerns, or problems
  • Listen carefully to your concerns
  • Explain relevant policies and procedures
  • Discuss possible courses of action while respecting students' rights to privacy within the limits of the law and university policy.
  • Supports students in making decisions in related to educational, personal, and other barriers that may impede on the completion of their academic goals
  • Connects students with appropriate on and off campus resources

How can we help?

  • Serve as a liaison for students by helping them understand and navigate through the university policies & procedures
  • Can provide initial notification to University in the event of a student’s major illness/injury
  • Assist with emergencies that impact a student’s educational experience
Our advocacy program DOES NOT substitute or replace: Academic or non-academic grievance, appeal processes, or any other university policy or process.

To schedule an appointment with a Student Advocate Liaison, consider stopping by A2120C, call: 708.235.2845 or schedule online.