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Post - MA School Counseling Certificate

ISBE Licensure

The Illinois State Board of Education has approved the School Counseling program to prepare candidates for the Professional Educator License-Endorsed in School Counseling. Candidates seeking to be recommended for this credential shall either (1) hold or be qualified to hold a teaching certificate from a regionally accredited institution, or (2) have completed the GSU or equivalent teaching competence courses (i.e. EDAD 7801, COUN 7620, COUN 6622 and SPED 6101).

Al l School Counseling students must provide evidence of successful completion of the Test of Academic Proficiency [formerly the Illinois Basic Skills Test] OR the ACT (with a composite score of 22, including a 16 on the writing portion) OR the SAT exam (with a score of 1030) prior to admissions. All School Counseling students must present evidence of passing the ISBE School Counselor Proficiency Test before they will be recommended for the Professional Educator License-Endorsed in School Counseling. 

Student Progress

The faculty monitor and evaluate student progress continuously. The Counseling Department Faculty and Student Handbook provides a specific description of the standards used to evaluate student progress.

Conditional Continuation

The faculty may permit a student to progress conditionally. In such cases, faculty review of the applicant’s record and performance identifies evidence that the student is likely to be successful in the program. The status of all students permitted to progress conditionally is reviewed by the faculty each semester, and students are informed in writing of the conditions necessary for them to be transferred to good standing status. When conditions are met, the student is transferred to good standing status. Students may not be admitted to the culminating project without achieving good standing status.

Certificate Requirements

Students must meet all university requirements for a certificate. See the internship manual or materials for additional information. In addition, candidates must complete all relevant requirements in the"Teacher Education and License" section of the University Catalog. A 600-hour internship is required for all counseling students. Prior to receiving the university recommendation for the Professional Educator License-Endorsed in School Counseling, students must provide evidence of having passed the School Counselor content area examination of the Illinois License Testing System.

I.Required Preparation/Prerequisite Courses (30 Hours)

Counseling Course Prerequisites

  • COUN 6630 Counseling Theories (3)*
  • COUN 7720 Social and Cultural Foundations (3)*
  • COUN 7725 Family Systems:Theory and Practice (3)*
  • COUN 7730 Lifestyle and Career Development (3)*
  • COUN 7847 Group Dynamics (3)*
  • COUN 6610 Research and Assessment (3)*

Teacher Competency Prerequisites

  • COUN 7620 Life Span Development Issues (3)*
  • COUN 6622 Applied Learning Theory for School Personnel (3)*
  • EDAD 7801 Organizational Leadership (3)*
  • SPED 6101 Survey of Students with Exceptionalities (3)*

*or equivalent courses

II. School Counseling-Hybrid (24 Hours)

Required Certificate Courses

  • COUN 6638 Introduction to School Counseling (3)
  • COUN 8844 Practicum School Counseling (K-12) (3)
  • COUN 8851 Consultation and School Staff Development (3)
  • COUN 8852 College Career Coaching Academy (3)
  • COUN 8853 Parent Education:Prevention and Intervention (3)
  • COUN 8858 Development of School Counseling Programs (3)
  • COUN 8868 Counseling Internship I: School Counseling (3)
  • COUN 8869 Counseling Internship II:School Counseling (3)

Total – Minimum of 24 Hours


In addition to the GSU graduate certificate requirements for admission, applicants must:

  1. Provide evidence of having completed a Master’s degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education in counseling or psychology.
  2. Provide evidence of having passed the Test of Academic Proficiency (formerly the Basic Skills Test) of the Illinois Certification Testing System, the ACT exam or the SAT exam.
  3. Have a graduate GPA of 3.0 or higher.  
  4. Fill out a GSU Certificate Application located online. A $50 fee required. Please write "SCCC"in the spot that asks for the certificate code. 

Fill out and attach to the above Certificate Application a Counseling Supplemental Packet:  

Once the faculty have reviewed your application you may be asked to campus for an interview. Send (or drop off) the materials (preferably as one packet) to:

Office of Admissions, Governors State University, One University Parkway University Park,IL  60484