Here, you are fluent in the language of business.

Through coursework you will

  • Apply accounting theory to a variety of organizations and industry scenarios
  • Achieve the necessary coursework to pursue professional licensure in public accounting
  • Gain foundational technical knowledge and skills in financial, managerial, audit and assurance services, taxation and business regulatory environment, and accounting information systems
  • Apply accounting technical knowledge and skills in a diverse set of organizational and industry case scenarios
  • Conduct research, utilizing industry databases and resources
  • Prepare, analyze, and communicate financial reports and other financial information to key stakeholders
  • Evaluate an organization's internal controls, governance structures, and related risks 
  • Utilize industry software used for accounting systems, audit (governance, risk, and compliance), and tax preparation. 
  • Focus elective coursework to meet career goals in an area such as management, taxation, financial planning, or general business.



  •  Olawunmi Folorunsho

    Olawunmi Folorunsho

    I am from Nigeria, and when I was considering schools in the U.S., I applied to GSU—the reception I received when I visited made me instantly realize it was the school for me. My professors make class fun and interesting, and they are always there for students if you need help understanding a difficult subject. Thanks to them, I’ve recently discovered my passion for auditing.

  • Ting-Wang

    Dr. TJ Wang, Associate Professor of Accounting

    I have always told my students, ‘You’ll never know until you take the first step.’ During my tenure at GSU, I have seen many first-generation students who have taken their first step towards getting a BSA and/or MSA and made a better life for themselves. ‘Anything is possible,’ I often say.

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