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  • Communications


    Communication for Nonprofit Managers

     Location: Governors State University

    Date: Wednesday, June 21, 2017

    Time: 9:30 a.m. –  1:30 p.m.

    A light lunch will be provided. 

    Instructor: Alexis H. Sarkisian

    Have you ever conducted  a meeting where attendees did not have a  clear understanding of  the message that you presented? Do you want to improve your communication style, but not certain what to do?  Did you know that a large percentage of how we communicate is through our body language? Communication is a cornerstone for effective management in any nonprofit organization. Using theory, research, and practice of interpersonal and group communication skills, participants will learn strategies for enhancing their roles as collaborative leaders, facilitators, coaches, catalysts, or mediators.

    This 1 day workshop will provide each nonprofit manager with the communication tools necessary to enhance their effectiveness.

    Participants will engage in discussion and hands-on activities that will:

    • Measure the impact of their body language on others
    • Define the communication model and why it is important
    • Provide strategies that  work with a variety of communication styles
    • Identify the characteristics of a strong manager
    • Identify the characteristics of a strong leader
    • Answer the questions: Can a leader be a manager? Can a manager be a leader? Why?
    • Allow them to apply what they learn

    General Fee: $75 Course Number: CE-BUS18-01

    Discount Fee for GSU Faculty, Staff, and Alumni: $65 Course Number: CE-BUS18-02

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  • The Knowledge Exchange


    The Knowledge Exchange at Governors State University    

                                         April 7 - May 26, 2017

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     For lifelong learners

    • Unique and diverse non-credited courses

    • Reasonable price

    • Designed for retired and semi-retired learners

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    • Encouraging shared learning and the free exchange of opinions and ideas


    $73 for the first class

    $28 for any additional class    


    Governors State University

    1 University Parkway

    University Park, IL 60484

    Lunch break between classes serves as a great time to enjoy lunch with other Exchange students, continue the classroom discussion, share ideas and participate in Lunch and Learn lectures when offered.  The GSU cafeteria is open, seating available.

    Questions? Contact Suzanne Patterson at 708.534.4393.



    8-week sessions (10:00a.m. - 12noon unless otherwise noted)


    A History of Innovation  

    Class Co-Leaders: Myras and Linda Osman

    In this class we will explore innovations that changed the way we live and helped make the modern world. Key technologies will include the electric light, refrigeration, measuring time, glass and lenses, recording sound, water purification, modern metals and locomotion. We will use the PBS documentary film, How We Got to Now as well as two other documentaries on the creation of the early steel industry and railroads. Although not required, those interested might want to read How We Got to Now; Six Innovations That Made the Modern World by Steven Johnson.

    Course Code: CE-TKE01-05  

    ROOM D34060



    Hitchcock Looks at Fascism  

    Class Co-Leaders: Jeff Decker and Suzanne Patterson 

    Alfred Hitchcock is recognized as one of the greatest film makers in the history of cinema. This class is intended to be an examination of his earlier and more obscure films which were designed to inform his viewers regarding the evils of the emergence of fascism.  While his more famous films will not be represented here, some iconic scenes in the history of film as pertaining to Hitchcock will be recognized and analyzed during classroom conversation.  The movies scheduled for viewing and discussion span the years 1934 through 1944 and include Sabotage (an extremely dark and rarely seen film), the original The Man Who Knew Too Much - no Doris Day here!, The 39 Steps, Secret Agent, and Lifeboat.  

    NOTE: class time 9:30a.m.-Noon  

    Course Code: CE-TKE01-06  

    ROOM B2203


    Afternoon Classes

    8-week classes / 1:00 - 3:00p.m.


    CW & Reconstruction: 1864-68

    Class Co-Leaders: Bill Mitchell and Scott Dominiak

    This year, co-leaders Bill and Scott are using a different approach to their civil war history class. Several significant events within the 1864-68 time period will be viewed through film and discussion.  In prior years lecture dominated the class and films were used sparingly; this year will be the opposite with lecture at a minimum.  The Battle for Atlanta, Sherman's March to the Sea, The Passing of the Thirteenth Amendment, and Reconstruction will be among the topics to be viewed on film and discussed.

    Course Code: CE-TKE01-07  

    ROOM D34104



    The Life and Times of Art and Music  

    Class Leader: Ron Small with special guest leader Betty Delinck

    Ron Small returns with a second class offering, this time exploring art and music as they relate to each other during various time periods.  Class sessions will review the sociopolitical influences on art and music during the Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern periods.  Class will include lecture, discussion and multi-media presentations with Ron and Betty covering Music and Art respectively.

    Course Code: CE-TKE01-08

    ROOM B2203


    For more information, please contact Suzanne Patterson at 708.534.4393 or