The English Language Learning Center at Governors State University, located in the South of Chicagoland, is proud to be a part of the safest university in Illinois where students can experience full-immersion and integration into the Governors State University community and take advantage of campus resources while studying English.

Mission and Goals:

The mission of the English Language Learning Center at Governors State University is, in agreement with and consistent with Governors State University’s  Vision 2020,to serve the needs of the students whose first language is other than English in order to help improve their English language skills and facilitate their personal, professional, and academic success. The ESL strives to achieve its mission and goals by:  

  • Providing students with effective language instruction and learning facilitation, which are up to date, relevant, and aligned with TESOL discipline standards
  • Maintaining high quality faculty and staff,  
  • Developing, implementing, and revising English programs, which respond to regional, state, national and international needs and student demands. 
  • Providing support and resources to all students, faculty, and the community to enhance individual growth, inclusion, and global understanding in collaboration with other units on campus and 
  • Fostering professional cooperation and collaboration 
  • Enhancing English programs through the implementation of best practices in administrative, faculty and staff development. 
  • Developing and implementing strategic initiatives with respect to recruitment, admissions, and retention, 
  • Increasing global awareness among the GSU community through strategic initiatives  
  • Pursuing initiatives to establish the English Language Learning Center at Governors State University as the regional center for English Language Learning. 
  • Developing and sustain a climate of continuous improvement, which is defined by evidence-based decision-making focused on enriching the student experience. 


A map of the chicagoland area showing Governors State University's location.

 The English Language Learning Center is part of the Governors State University campus in the heart of Chicago’s Southland near I-57, a major north-south route, and I-80, the region’s major east-west route. The campus is a 37-mile drive from downtown Chicago and 35 minutes from Joliet, Kankakee and Gary.

 Faculty and Staff:

 Administrative Faculty and Staff

Akiko OtaESL Director708-534-3143 |
Angelica DamianiExternal Programs Specialist708-235-6922 |


Wes Barnes708-534-4988 |
Ewa Lazowska708-534-4988 |

Contact Information

Governors State University English Language Learning Center 
School of Extended Learning 
1 University Parkway, University Park, IL 60684, USA
708-235-6922 |