Administrative Systems Access Authorization Form

  You must submit this form via campus mail AND electronically.

 This form is only required if you are requesting new access (new hire or position change) for Colleague and/or Singularity. If you currently have access and need modification, please email your supervisor with the request, once approved you can email the approval to Hugo Solano ( for processing.
  1. Complete form online.
  2. Print form by clicking special link at bottom of this page.
  3. Submit form electronically by clicking the Submit button.
  4. Sign form, and have your unit head sign form.
  5. Scan and email to or send using Campus Mail to Judy Ferneau , ITS.
If you have questions, call the GSU Helpdesk, Ext. 4357 or by calling (708) 534-4357.
Completed FERPA Tutorial?
Colleague ID#

Name (First and Last)  
Signature (Required)
Phone extension  
Area of access (Student, HR, Purchasing, etc.)   
Will you be scheduling classes in Colleague?
Faculty MyGSU Portal access? 
Will you be adding/removing holds?
Document Imaging access? (Lexmark)


If Faculty Advisor, do you require Profession Advisor (Colleague UI) Access?



Degree Audit Access in Colleague?




Name of user with similar rights or employee being replaced (N/A if not applicable)  
Unit head name  
Unit head signature (Required)

Below for ITS Use Only
Environment: Production________ Test_______ Faculty Advisor Access: Yes___ No___
Completed by ________________________ Received date ___/___/20___
Username assigned ___________________ Completed date ___/___/20___
Portal Access  _____________________ by _________________________
Login instructions given to user ___/___/20___  

You must Print me! to print the form,

This form replaces all previous versions. Revised 23 Aug 2016.