ROAR stands for Registration, Orientation, Advising, and Resources. It is a chance for incoming freshmen students and their families to learn about GSU. Attendance is required for all incoming freshmen.

ROAR = Resources, Orientation, Advising and Registration


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Download July 12 ROAR Schedule for Students here ... (pdf file)


During ROAR New Student Orientation, incoming freshmen students will interact with other new students as well as faculty members and administrators, meet with their academic advisors, and register for  classes. Students and their families will have a chance to discover the various opportunities provided at GSU including involvement in student organizations, volunteer opportunities, support services, and many other aspects of being a GSU student.

                                              ROAR New Student Orientation Events and Session Topics

                                                                             Campus Resource Fair
                                                                                   Campus Tours
                                                           Welcome from GSU President Elaine P. Maimon
                                                                Academic Advising and Class Registration
                                                     myONECARD, Campus Dining, and Bookstore Services
                                                                          Lunch with Campus Leaders
                                                                              GSU Honors Program
                                                                    Living and Learning in Prairie Place
                                                                                    Study Abroad
                                                           Campus Involvement and Leadership Opportunities
                                                               Counseling, Disability, and Wellness Services
                                                                                   Financial Aid*
                                                                         Pre-Health Major Pathways**
                                                                     Math and Writing Assessments***


Financial Aid Sessions*  

Students and families will be invited to sign up for private meetings with Financial Aid to discuss each student’s individual financial aid package. There are also sessions that will allow students and families to learn about online financial aid tools and resources in a computer lab.

Pre-Health Major Pathways**

Pre-Health Major Pathways will allow incoming freshmen students who are eligible for the GSU Honors Program to join a cohort that focuses on preparing students for health majors such as Nursing, Pre-Physical Therapy, etc.

Math and Writing Assessments***

As a condition of admission, some freshmen students are required to participate in Smart Start. Students may be able to remove or reduce this requirement by taking placement assessments.

During ROAR, students who were placed in Smart Start Math or Smart Start Math/English will take the ALEKS mathematics placement assessment. This is NOT a test. It is a chance for students to showcase their proficiency in math and learn from targeted modules. If students do not receive their desired score during ROAR, they can take the ALEKS assessment up to 4 more times before the deadline. Students may take the ALEKS practice module and assessment before attending ROAR. But they can only take the ALEKS placement a total of 5 times.
Students who were placed into Smart Start English will learn about the writing assessment that can be accessed through Blackboard. This writing assessment may only be completed once; so, students are encouraged to postpone taking the writing assessment until after they have attended this session at ROAR.

Family members are invited and encouraged to attend ROAR.  Sessions have been specifically planned for families and guests on various topics including financial aid tips, campus safety, and a mock class.

Please note:  Although there is no charge for incoming freshmen students to attend ROAR, there is a $35 fee for each guest who attends.  The fee is vital to keeping our costs down as we provide orientation programming, meals, and materials for guests.  The fee for guests is charged to the student's account.  


CLICK HERE to register for ROAR New Student Orientation!


If you have any questions, please contact New Student Programs at or 708.235.6819.