• Q: How do I complete a housing application-contract and submit my housing deposit?


    A: Currently enrolled GSU students and new GSU students admitted for Summer 2014 or Fall 2014 may apply for University Housing, by going to the University Housing website and clicking on the link that says Apply to University Housing.

    As you go through the online application-contract process, you will be asked to read and signify your understanding of the Housing Terms and Conditions.

    Submission of the online application-contract indicates that you agree to abide by the contract terms and conditions and that you consent to the policies described in the document.

    You will also be asked to submit a $25 housing application fee and a $200 housing pre-payment within the application - contract channel on the Housing application portal. A Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit or debit card is needed to pay your housing application charge and make your initial housing payment.

    For students admitted for spring semester 2015 we will begin mailing information about our housing process in early November 2014 and then each week as students are admitted.

  • Q: What is the difference between the academic year contract and the 12 month contract?


    A: The academic year contract covers housing for the Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 semester. Breaks such as winter, spring and summer, are at an additional cost and are billed on a nightly basis. The nightly cost depends on the type of housing accommodation a student has.

    The 12 month contract runs from August 2014 through August 2015 and includes all breaks. Students with a 12 month contract who decide not to stay in housing during a break will not receive a reduction in cost. Please review the Floor Plans & Rates page for information on the cost of the two contracts relating to each specific housing accommodation.

  • Q: Is there a deadline for completing the application-contract?


    A: Application-contracts are accepted on a "first-come, first-served" basis and admission to Governors State University is not a guarantee of housing.

    The housing application is currently available to all ENROLLED students and ADMITTED GSU students. If you have any questions about the process please contact us at: 708.235.7110 or via email at housing@govst.edu.  If you need information about the admissions process please contact Admissions at 708.534.4490 or admissions@govst.edu.

  • Q: If I turn in my application early, will I have a better chance of getting into University Housing?


    A: It's impossible to predict how early you would have to turn in your contract to get into University Housing. Although your chances are enhanced the earlier you turn in your contract, it is still no guarantee. Please note that we are now accepting applications from all currently enrolled and newly admitted GSU students.

    We are currently planning on setting aside half of the residence hall for new students coming to GSU in the Fall 2014 semester (freshman, transfer, graduate level).

  • Q: Do I have to pay any money with my application-contract?


    A: A $200 initial prepayment and a $25 housing application fee is required to complete the online university housing application-contract. You will be asked to submit your housing payment within the university housing application-contract channel. You will need a Visa, MasterCard, Discover credit or debit card to complete the transaction.

  • Q: Can Financial Aid be applied toward on-campus housing costs?


    A: Yes. Your financial aid award can be used toward paying for on-campus housing. The cost for housing will be applied directly to your student account each semester just like any financial aid you have been awarded.

  • Q: What if I change my mind? Will I get my money back?


    A: A Request for Cancellation of the contract before moving into university housing (checking out keys), and prior to the applicable opening day of University Housing, will be accepted with one of the following guidelines:

    1. A written request for cancellation received on or before June 1, 2014, for the fall semester or January 1, 2015, for the spring semester (new spring semester applicants only) will result in the refund of the $200 pre-paid housing payment.
    2. A written request for cancellation received after June 1, 2014, for the fall semester, or January 1, 2015, for the spring semester (new spring semester applicants only) but prior to the Friday before the first day of classes each semester will result in forfeiture of the $200 pre-paid housing payment.
    3. Approved cancellations after the first class day of the semester will result in a prorated charge for usage of the room and a $250 assessment for an early release.

    A request for cancellation of the University Housing Contract (before semester starts) OR a Petition for Contract Release (after the semester has started) must be done by logging into the student portal, clicking on the HOUSING tab and selecting the TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS link.

  • Q: What are the different housing options available?


    A: Suite (room with roommate and shared bath)
    Four Bedroom Apartment (single occupancy bedroom)
    Two Bedroom Apartment (single occupancy bedroom)
    Two Bedroom Apartment (share bedroom with roommate)

    More information about the above housing options may be found by viewing the housing floor plans.

  • Q: What if I need special accommodations?


    A: If you need special accommodations because of a disability, medical need or transgender identity, you may list them on the housing application. If the need arises after the housing application was submitted, please contact University Housing at 708.235.7110 or housing@govst.edu.

  • Q: Do all first year students live together?


    A: Not all first year students may live with another first year student - we try to accommodate mutual roommate requests of incoming students who know a student already enrolled at GSU or who is a transfer student. When University Housing staff members make new student assignments, we work to assign students of similar academic standing to a room or apartment. Please note that we will also make assignments based on the preference information you provide in your application regarding your Room Preferences, Roommate Preferences, and the Roommate Profile Questionnaire.

  • Q: I am an upperclassmen/graduate student. Will I have to live with a freshman?


    A: Not necessarily.  We are planning on having a section of the building for graduate and upper-class residents. We understand that student needs and styles may change at different stages of their academic career. We will do our best to accommodate students’ preferences. While filling out your application, make sure you state your roommate preferences. We will make assignments based on the preference information you provide in your application regarding your Room Preferences, Roommate Preferences, and the Roommate Profile Questionnaire.

  • Q: When will I get my room assignment?


    A: In May 2014, University Housing staff will begin making fall housing assignments for currently enrolled students.

    Housing assignments for NEW students will begin the first week of June 2014. Students who apply during and after the first week of June and will receive their housing assignment as soon as we process their submitted application and payment.

    Once an assignment has been made, the student will receive an email at his/her GSU address with information about the assignment and assigned roommate(s).

  • Q: Can I change my room assignment once I've been assigned a room?


    A: Once an assignment has been made, you will not be able to request a room change until after the first 10 days of classes in the semester.

  • Q: Do you match roommates?


    A: Yes. We will make matches based on the information you provide in your application regarding your Room Preferences, Roommate Preferences, and the Roommate Profile Questionnaire.

    When filling out your application, make sure you choose your preferred characteristics in a roommate and we will match you to the best of our ability. In addition, in April we will be opening a chat room for residents who plan to move into housing in the Fall to connect with potential roommates.

    You will also have an opportunity on the housing application to identify a specific student you would like to have as a roommate and/or apartment mate. You will need identify the students email address under Roommate Preferences in your application. We will work to accommodate this request provided both (all) students have identified the other student as a preferred roommate on their applications.

  • Q: What do I do if I want to live with a friend who is also attending GSU?


    A: If you know someone you want to live with - whether it's a friend from high school, a friend who is transferring to GSU or a friend who is already at GSU - you will be able to identify them as a roommate preference through the assignment website.

  • Q: What if my roommate and I don't get along?


    A: To be a good roommate, you have to be willing to negotiate and to compromise on some things and understand your roommate rights and responsibilities, even though it's not always easy. In order to avoid conflicts, at the beginning of every year roommates are required to sit down together and fill out a Roommate Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights helps roommates talk through some of the most frequent areas of conflict, such as guests/visitors to the room, use of the TV, whether or not to share items (like food), etc. If, during the course of the semester, a conflict arises that you and your roommate are unable to resolve, you should talk to your RA or Residence Hall Director. If both you and your roommate have tried to resolve a conflict and have not succeeded, you may decide you don't want to live together. At that point, if there is space available in other rooms or halls, it may be possible for the RHD to reassign you. If not, then you may have to wait until second semester to make a room change.

    Once a student has been assigned, we do not make room assignment changes before the school year begins. Students should come, move in to their assigned space, and meet roommates before making judgments on compatibility. The University has a 10-day room freeze - meaning, during the first 10 class days of the fall and spring semester no room changes occur. This is in order for us to determine whether everyone assigned a space has arrived on campus.

  • Q: Can I have visitors in my room?


    A: Yes. Guests are allowed 24 hours a day, seven days a week in University Housing. A guest may stay a maximum of three consecutive days within a seven-day period with the permission of your roommate. Residents in violation of this policy may have their hosting privileges revoked.

    All guests (male and female) must be accompanied by a resident of the residence hall at all times. Any guest who will be in the hall past midnight must be registered at the Residence Hall main desk. Residents should understand that ‘visitation’ is a privilege and that it does not take precedence over a roommate’s right to study, sleep and have privacy.

  • Q: What about food?


    A: Because residents are living primarily in apartments with access to their own kitchen, we do not have a formal meal plan or a traditional dining hall. There are also 2 community kitchens on each floor in Prairie Place for students to use to cook their own meals.

    Students who are living in Prairie Place are encouraged to place monies on the myONECARD for food and beverage purchases in the Café and the C-store, and to order groceries from the GSU Eats Well app that will be released in August 2014.  There are 3 recommended amounts of monies to put on the myONECARD for dining purchases:

    • For the student who lives in the suites, or who plans to purchase food and beverages daily, or buy most of their groceries on campus, we recommend $1500/semester be budgeted for food.
    • For the student who plans to purchase food and beverages once or twice a day, but who also plans to make food purchases off campus, we recommend $1000/semester be budgeted for food.
    • For the student who lives in an apartment and who is planning to do most of their own cooking and only make a few purchases on campus, we recommend $500/semester be budgeted for food.

  • Q: What is furnished in the hall?


    A: The university supplies a desk, chair, wardrobe/dresser unit, a bed and extra-long twin mattress (36" wide x 80" long) for each student. Window coverings, garbage can and recycling bin, cable television and internet access are also provided at no additional cost. Apartment units also contain full kitchens with appliances and living room furniture.

    Each residence hall floor has lounges for study and socializing as well as a community kitchen for programs and use by students. A laundry room, vending machines and a convenience store is located on the first floor of the hall.

  • Q: What do I need to bring when I move into the residence hall?


    A: You should bring your own extra-long twin sheets, blankets, bedspread and pillow. All rooms have cable TV outlets and wireless internet. However, you must provide your own cable cord and bring your own computer.

    Please review the University Housing Handbook for additional information on appliances and other apartment furnishings that are permitted or prohibited.

  • Q: I am an Early Start student and need to move in on Sunday, August 10. What is the additional cost to live in housing from August 10 – 20?


    A: Any student who needs to arrive early will be charged a nightly rate based on what type of housing unit they are assigned to live for the fall semester.  For Example: Fall Early Start students who move in on August 10 would be charged for 11 additional nights of housing. 

    The nightly rates for early arrival or break housing are:  

    • Semi-suite: $24/night 
    • 4 bedroom apartment: $34/night 
    • 2 bedroom apartment (double occupancy bedroom): $28/night 
    • 2 bedroom apartment (single occupancy bedroom): $40/night

  • Q. Does the University provide staff in the halls?


    A: Yes. There are professional and paraprofessional (resident assistants, or RAs) staff working and living in the residence hall. The staff provides opportunities for each resident to enhance their personal, interpersonal and educational development. Residents are encouraged to talk to their RA or the professional staff about any concerns or questions they have. Between midnight and 6 am students must show their University IDs to Night Operation staff in order to enter the residence hall.

  • Q: How can I become a Resident Assistant?


    A: We are currently accepting applications for the Resident Assistant position that would start in Fall 2014. The application deadline is 5:00pm on April 11.  If you need more information or an application, please contact Kyrié Kirkland at 708-235-7111 or kkirkland@govst.edu

    Information about the 2015-2016 RA selection process will be available in Fall 2014. 

  • Q: What jobs are available for students on campus?


    A: There are numerous jobs available for students. Please check out the Career Services employment site for more information.

  • Q: Can I have a car on campus?


    A: Yes. Parking will be available for no additional cost. Students will be required to display a residential permit on their cars at all times and park their cars in a designated university lot overnight (between the hours of 10 pm to 8 am). There is also a small parking lot adjacent to the residence hall that will be assigned through a lottery system. The cost for a reserved space in this residential lot will be $50/semester. Please note that the $50/semester is in addition to the Parking and Walkway Fee paid by all enrolled students.

    You may register your car or apply for the reserved parking lot by logging into the student portal, clicking on the HOUSING tab and selecting the TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS link.

  • Q: Is Family Housing Available?


    A: At this time we do not have family housing available.  It may be considered in the future when we expand our on-campus housing program.