Governors State University has been part of the Navy College Program for Afloat College Education (NCPACE) program since 1997.

The program is directed to shipboard sailors so they can continue their education while at sea or stationed at off-shore assignments.

CD-ROM/DVD Courses

CD-ROM/DVD Courses can be taken while at sea and completed by independent study. Each course begins when the ship departs and ends at the conclusion of the deployment. Thousands of sailors have enrolled and successfully completed NCPACE courses from GSU and other institutions. Once back on base, the GSU program can be continued by taking Internet, correspondence or television courses



Students interested in registering for NCPACE courses must first request funding through the MyEducation Navy College website. Once courses have been selected, an application for funding must be completed including the following information: contact information for your command approved exam proctor, academic term dates, and tuition rate ($250 per credit hour at Governors State University). You will also need a degree plan showing that the desired courses are applicable to a degree from Governors State University. Once completed, the application will create a voucher that must be submit to Governors State University prior to enrollment in NCPACE courses. It is highly encouraged that you contact the NCPACE POC for Governors State University at for assistance in completing the registration application.


Tuition, Books and Supplies

The tuition rate for NCPACE program courses at Governors State University is currently 250 dollars per semester hour (SH) or equivalent.  Sailor are responsible for associated costs, such as for books and materials.

You can purchase books and supplies online through MBS Direct. For regular GSU courses contact the bookstore at 708.534.4558.


Contact Information

Please email or call 708.235.6922 for more information.