Natalia Ermasova, Ph.D.

  Assistant Professor
  708-534-4978 ext. 4978
  Office Location: C 3340
  College: CAS
  Public Administration

The most exciting part of my position at GSU is the opportunity to use an individual teaching approach to each student in class. I always strive to make the classroom experience one in which students feel rewarded as members of the class and appreciate the changes that occur through this process both within the confines of the classroom walls and just as important, outside those walls. I use a lot of business dimulation games, cases, public administration simulation games and logrolling situations in my classes. I teach Public Finance, Seminar in Budgeting, Public Policy and Finance, and Economic Analysis in Public Administration.

My primary research interests are public finance, risk-management, innovation management, and the state capital budgeting. Before starting my work in the USA, I worked as a Professor of Finance in the Volga Region Academy for Civil Services in Russia for 12 years, and as Professor of Saratov State University for 2 years. I am a Ph.D. of Public Affairs (Indiana University, USA), Ph.D. of Economics (Russia), Ph.D. of Investment Management (Russia).

I was a visiting professor in Germany (Ludwigsburg Academy for Civil Services) in 2008 and a Fulbright visiting professor (SPEA, Indiana University) in 2006. The Fulbright fund sponsored my research of comparative analysis of the fiscal system in the USA, Germany, Canada, and Russia. At total around 45 works (books and articles) were published in Russia and 8 works were published in the USA. My articles are published in peer-review Journals: State and Local Governments Review, Public Administration Research, Public Organization Review, Journal of Business and Economics, and SAM Advanced Management Journal. I defended the Ph.D. dissertation in SPEA at Indiana University in 2012. It was a comparative investigation of capital budgeting on state level in the USA. The objective of this research has been to develop a framework and methodology for evaluating capital management performance during and after great recession. In addition to analysis of capital financing, I am doing comparative analysis of financing innovations, innovation risks, and investment climate in developed and developing countries.

I am doing research that examines the leadership orientations, business ethics, and work-related stress of Russian working adults based on age, gender, education, and government work experience. In this research, Russian history, culture and leadership, as well as the behavioral approach to leadership will be presented along with practical implications and suggestions for managers, practitioners and future studies. The next study recounts the experiences of Russian regional governments in dealing with fiscal stress during the 2008 – 2012 periods, a period of the most severe global economic downturn of the last seventy years. Much of the disparity is driven by differential endowments of energy resources and this diversity translates into highly diverse fiscal capacities and need for government services.

Working at GSU allows me the opportunity to provide service to the university and larger community. I was previously the Volunteer Income Tax Advisory (VITA) Program. VITA is a national program designed to assist foreign students in the completion of their federal and state tax returns. Also, I was teacher of Russian Language, Art and Culture for children from 4 to 16 years in School “Rosinka”. At GSU, I have been active in many programs and college committees.

Curriculum Vitae: Dr. Ermasova