Katy Hisrich, Ph.D.

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Dr. Katy Hisrich received her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from Arizona State University in December 2010.  She has 14 years of experience in the field of education, including 7 years as a kindergarten teacher and 7 years as a university professor.  As a professor at both the community college and university levels (undergraduate and graduate courses), she has taught classes in online and classroom environments for Education and Psychology Departments.  Courses include: Educational Psychology, Learning and the Brain, Instructional Methods in Early Childhood Education, Developmentally Appropriate Practices, Integrating Instruction, Assessments in Education, Exceptional Learners, Child Development, Introduction to Psychology, and Developmental Psychology. In addition to teaching at the college level, Katy also designs curriculum and develops programs in child development, educational administration, and early childhood education for various universities and publishing companies.  One of her past positions was a parent educator for New Directions Institute for Infant Brain Development, which involved developing parenting programs and teaching workshops to parents and families under a First Things First grant from the State of Arizona.  Katy received a Master’s degree in Elementary Education from University of North Carolina at Charlotte and a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and Child Development from the Peabody School of Education at Vanderbilt University.   

Katy conducts research in learning and the brain, instruction, parent education, early childhood education, and teacher preparation.   Previously, she was engaged in research in parent education, learning, and child development for the Office of Parent Development International at ASU, as well as served as the Executive Editor for ASU’s online education journal, Current Issues in Education, for three years.  She also was nominated for the National PEO Scholar Award in 2008.  Her publications & presentations include: Digital Media and Emergent Literacy published in Computers in the Schools, November 2009; Using Internet Polls to Understand Student Perspectives for School Improvement: An Exploration of Adolescents’ Views on Tutoring published in ProQuest Interdisciplinary Dissertations and Theses database, December 2010; The Influence of L1 Language Proficiency in Cross-Language Transfer: A Four-Year Longitudinal Study in L2 Immersion-Only Classrooms (kindergarten-3rd grade) presented at the annual meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of Reading, July 2008; Play & Literature in Early Childhood presented at the State Conference for the Future Educators Association of Arizona, March 2012; and the website Parents Educate Children, http://www.parentseducatechildren.com.

In June, Dr. Katy Hisrich (DOE) was selected to have her summer class in EDEC4460, Integration in Early Childhood, participate in the Kids@College Program at Prairie State Community College.  The GSU students prepared lessons for NASA week for the 4 – 12 year old students who participated in the program.  For more information and pictures, please check out the website at:  http://prairiestate.edu/kids.  Other photos from the experience can be viewed on the COE Facebook page."

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 The Starfish Flinger  


As the old man walked the beach at dawn, he noticed a young man ahead of him picking up starfish and flinging them into the sea. Finally catching up with the youth, he asked him why he was doing this.

The answer was that the stranded starfish would die if left until the morning sun.

“But the beach goes on for miles and there are millions of starfish,” countered the other. “How can your effort make any difference?”

The young man looked at the starfish in his hand and then threw it to safety in the waves.

“It made a difference to that one,” he said.

- Anonymous 

So, who will you make a difference to today?