Joseph Day, Dr.PH

  Assistant Professor
  708-235-7389 ext. 7389
  Office Location: G 121
  Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday,
11 a.m. - 12:15 p.m., and 2 - 3 p.m. Thursdays, 6- 7 p.m.
  College: CHHS
  Addictions Studies and Behavioral Health

Teaching and scholarship are a trust, one in which student outcomes are clearly affected by frequent encounters with professors who are energetic scholars.I see many opportunities at GSU to explore the association between teaching and scholarship.

My scholarship is focused on the effects of social-environmental adversity on all youth, but in particular those from low-resourced urban communities. Youth in these communities, compared to youth from higher resource communities, have higher rates of psychological distress, such as depression and anxiety and problem behaviors, such as substance use and violence-related behavior. When compared to other public investments, an increased understanding of the role of adversity in these youth may lead to substantial returns in the form of a reduction in crime, incarceration and substance abuse treatment.

In addition to my scholarship, I am the program coordinator for the Community Health Program. My tasks include mentoring and advising, but also helping to develop and implement a vision for the program that will inspire students to be actively involved in their education and that will act as a blueprint for future planning. This encompasses helping the department to develop an appropriate curriculum which will enable GSU students to sit for and pass state certification, to become competent professionals, to go on to graduate study and to initiate their own research.

I am honored to be on the faculty of GSU. 



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