DeLawnia Comer-HaGans, Ph.D., MS, MBA

  Associate Professor
  708-534-4047 ext. 4047
  Office Location: G 176
  Office Hours: Wednesday and Thursday, 2 - 4 p.m. Other hours by appointment.
  College: CHHS
  Health Administration

What I love about teaching at GSU is the faculty that I work with in my department. It is rare that you come into an environment where you get along with all of your colleagues, both professionally and personally. This synergistic relationship among my colleagues allows me to be my best in the classroom. We work together to come up with activities and programs that will best suit the needs of our students; and we welcome feedback from our classes to enhance their learning environment.

I graduated with a Ph.D. in Public Affairs in May 2010 from the University of Texas at Dallas. My dissertation was health policy-related and entitled, "Disparities in Dilated Eye Exams Among Adults with Diabetes: An Intersectional Approach." I focused on why some adults with diabetes are less likely to receive a dilated eye exam than others are. Diabetes is a preventable disease, and there are many opportunities to educate society about its causes and complications.

I am currently working as a co-investigator with the Village of Park Forest Health Department, along with two GSU colleagues, to create a survey that will collect information regarding the health status of Park Forest residents. The residents of Park Forest are primarily low socioeconomic status African Americans. The purpose of the survey is to determine whether health disparities exist among the residents of Park Forest for the following health conditions: diabetes, heart conditions and hypertension.

2012: M. Alfred Haynes Research Training for Social Equity (MAHRTISE) Fellow
The institute provided a two week intensive training in fundamental policy issues and concerns in access to care systems as well as cutting-edge health disparities issues of national concern.

2013: New Connections: Increasing Diversity of RWJF Program selectee to participate in a three-day virtual statistical (SEM-structural equation modeling) workshop by the Center for Statistical Consultation and Research at the University of Michigan

Margaret Knight and DeLawnia Comer-HaGans. “Domestic Partner Benefits” Public Personnel Management, 2012: 493-504


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