The Professional Education Unit at Governors State University consists of all programs which prepare candidates for licensure as teachers or other school personnel. Although these programs are located primarily in the College of Education, there are five programs located in other colleges throughout the university (i.e., secondary Biology, Chemistry, English, and Mathematics programs in the College of Arts and Sciences; and the Master’s level program in Communication Disorders, located in the College of Health Professions). The head of the Professional Education Unit is the Dean of the College of Education.


Accreditation Approval

ISBE approved, CACREP and NCATE/CAEP accredited. Click here for more information.





CAEP Annual Report

Governors State University

Education Preparation Providers Unit


CAEP Annual Reporting Measures

Impact Measures



The Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP), the accrediting body for Governors State University’s Education Preparation Provider Unit (EPPU), requires EPPUs to disseminate information on the Eight Annual Reporting Measures annually to the public, prospective teacher candidates, policy makers, and the media to provide information on both program outcome and program impact. The CAEP measures with links to supporting evidence for each of these eight measure are as follows:



    Impact on Student Learning

     Impact on Student Learning - is an opportunity for providers, the state, and the candidates themselves, to examine their effect on P-12 student growth. For initial candidates, it is measured through the edTPA. As defined by Pearson, edTPA is a performance-based, subject-specific assessment that measures teacher candidates’ skills and knowledge with a rigorous process requiring a demonstration of the classroom skills necessary to ensure students are learning. For advanced candidates, it is measured through the Principal Preparation School Improvement Plan, which includes the development of a strategic plan. It is aligned to identified areas of need. 



       Principal Preparation School Improvement Plan Evaluation

       Principal Preparation School Improvement Plan Results

      edTPA Evaluation 

      edTPA Results 

         Indicators of Teaching Effectiveness 

        Indicators of Teaching Effectiveness – GSU’s EPPU demonstrates through structure and validated observation instruments that completers effectively apply the professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions that the preparation experiences were designed to achieve. For initial candidates, it is measured through the unit-level Danielson assessment, which measures candidates’ ability to plan and implement instruction. It is also measured through the unit-wide initial or advanced dispositions assessment.  

        Danielson Evaluation 

        Danielson Results

        Disposition Evaluation

        Disposition Results 


          Satisfaction of Employers Milestones 

          Satisfaction of Employers – Milestones – GSU’s EPPU demonstrates satisfaction of employer’s milestones using measures that result in valid and reliable data and includes employment milestones. It is measured through the Administrator’s survey.

            Administrator Survey 

            Administrator Survey Results 


            Satisfaction of Completers 

             Satisfaction of Completers - GSU’s EPPU demonstrates satisfaction of completers using measures that result in valid and reliable data that program completers perceive their preparation as relevant to the responsibilities they confront on the job. GSU’s satisfaction of completers is measured through the following surveys: completers exit survey, completers survey one year out, and completers survey three years out. 

              College of Education Completer Survey 

              College of Education Completer Survey Year 1 

              College of Education Completer Survey Year 3 

              College of Education Completer Survey Results 

              College of Education Completer Survey Year 1 Results 

              College of Education Completer Survey Year 3 Results 


              Graduation Rates 

              The Graduation Rates are based on 4 and 6 year model for the following undergraduate and graduate programs.

                2016-17 Early Childhood Graduation Rates 

                2016-17 Elementary Graduation Rates 

                2016-17 Secondary Biology Graduation Rates 

                2016-17 Secondary Chemistry Graduation Rates 

                2016-17 Secondary Mathematics Graduation Rates 

                2016-17 Secondary English Graduation Rates 

                2016-17 Multi-categorical SPED Graduation Rates 

                2016-17 Educational Administration Graduation Rates 


                   Ability of Completer to meet Licensing and State Requirements  

                  The attached Title II results reflect 97-100% Pass Rate

                    2016-17 Title II Results


                      Ability of Completers to be hired in Educational Position 

                      The attached completer employment data reflects that 100% of completers have the ability to be hired 

                      2016-17 Complete Employment Data

                      Student Loan Default Rate and other Consumer Information 

                      The attached loan default rate of 3.2 reflects a positive decrease compared to previous years and considerably lower than the national rate.  

                        GSU Loan Default Rate 

                        GSU Consumer Information