Our intent is to make our services and collections accessible to all users in a variety of ways.

Contact Lydia Morrow Ruetten, Library Dean at 708.534.4110 or lruetten@govst.edu with any comments, concerns, or questions about library accessibility.

  • Audiobooks


    The library offers a collection of audio books for your entertainment on shelving located by the Reference Office. Please ask at the Reference Desk if you need assistance.

  • Captioned Videos/DVDs


    You can find video materials with captions by searching the phrases "Closed captions", "Films for the hearing impaired" and/or "Video recordings for the hearing impaired" in the Library Catalog.

  • Circulation Desk


    The Circulation Desk, where you will go to check out books and pick up materials on hold, has a low counter for our patrons with wheelchairs.

  • Computer Modifications


    All library computers run the Windows 7 operating system which allows you to make changes for personal vision, hearing and mobility needs. To access this service after logging in to a computer, click on Control Panel and choose Ease of Access Center to make adjustments.

    Please note that these changes are temporary. Upon logging out of a session, the computer will revert to its standard mode. For security reasons, everyone is instructed to log out when finished at a computer.

    If the Windows 7 adjustments are not enough for your needs, additional options are available through Access Services for Students with Disabilities.

  • Computer Workstations


    The Library has two wheelchair accessible computer workstations. Workstation #3, located closest to the Reference Desk, has a table which can be raised or lowered at the push of a button. Workstation #40, across the aisle from #3, has a table which can be raised or lowered by a turn handle. We give our patrons in wheelchairs priority seating at these workstations.

  • Electronic Library Materials


    Many of our licensed databases, e-journals and e-books offer you the option of viewing full text in HTML or PDF format. HTML format is a text-only web page which can be read using any screen reader or universal access technology.

    You can use Adobe Reader for accessible PDFs in 2 ways: 1) Open the PDF and go to File/Save As Text. Once you have the text only version, you can alter the text size, color, and format. You can also use a screen reader to read the file. 2) Open the PDF and go to View/Read Out Loud. Adobe Reader will act as a screen reader and read the file out loud.

  • Elevator


    Use the elevator next to the Main Staircase in Building D. The library is located on the 2nd floor and the entrance is close to the elevator. The Library is contained within a single floor of the building.

  • Entrance


    The entrance is a double wide door which remains open during all hours of library operation.

  • Headphones and Ear Buds


    You will be given free ear buds upon request at the Reference Desk. 

    If you wear hearing aids, you can ask to borrow headphones with foam ear pad cushions. These headphones are available for in-library use only. You need to return them to the Reference Desk after you are finished.

  • Library Office


    The doors to the administrative office area are kept shut even when unlocked. Ask at the Reference Desk if you need assistance entering them.

  • Magnifying Tools


    Handheld magnifiers are available at the Reference Desk. A closed circuit television is available in the Academic Resource Center, Room B1215.

  • Photocopiers


    Staff at the Reference Desk will make photocopies for library users needing physical assistance. These photocopies are not free and are charged at the standard rate of 10¢ per page. Staff may be unable to immediately copy materials if the Library is busy. In such instances, materials may be left and picked up at a later, agreed upon time. You are encouraged to bring an assistant if large quantities of photocopying are needed.

  • Reference Assistance


    Reference Desk staff are willing to help you retrieve materials from the shelves upon request. Reference service is available by phone at 708.235.7519 or 708.235.7520 and through e-mail at library@govst.edu. For research assistance, contact the appropriate Faculty Librarian for your subject.

  • Restrooms


    The Library has two sets of men's and women's restrooms. The restrooms located in the book stacks are wheelchair accessible, but the ones in the serials stacks are not. See Library Map.

  • Service Animals


    Service animals are welcome.