Macoupin and Montgomery County ROSC Council (MMCR)

Serving Macoupin and Montgomery Counties

Elyse Schoen, Project Director
217-250-2380 (W)
217-204-6930 (C)
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Savannah Welch, ROSC Coordinator
217-271-7924 (W)
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Jami Linhart, ROSC Coordinator
217-371-1597 (W)
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Lori Sanson, Fiscal Contact
217-930-2282 (W)
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St. Francis Way Clinic, 805 St. Francis Way, Litchfield, IL 62056


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Mission and Vision

Mission Statement:

M&M ROSC seeks to (1) reduce stigma and increase engagement among community members, (2) improve awareness of substance use and mental health through education and outreach, (3) facilitate cooperation across sectors, perspectives, and lived experiences, (4) increase access to multiple recovery support options and timely care, and (5) increase the number of people pursuing and maintaining recovery.

Supporting, facilitating, and advocating for the renewal and restoration of health and wellness for communities, families, and individuals who are seeking and living in recovery.

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This project is funded in part by the Illinois Department of Human Services' (IDHS) Division of Substance Use Prevention and Recovery (SUPR) Grant #43CBC00123.