West Central Illinois ROSC Council (WCIR)

Serving Knox, Warren, Henderson, and Henry Counties

Jeff McFadden, System of Care Coordinator
Phone: 309.613.3190
Email Jeff McFadden

Bridgeway, Inc., 2323 Windish Drive, Galesburg, IL 61401

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Mission and Vision

ROSC Mission:
“Collaborating to build and empower communities of recovery”
ROSC Vision:
    •    People can and do recover.
    •    Individuals and families determine the supports and services they need.
    •    Services and supports are continuous and cohesive across different phases of care and are coordinated across the various agencies involved in their delivery.
    •    Support of recovery is a community responsibility and value.
    •    There is inherent flexibility in the system, so it can be responsive to different pathways to recovery.
    •    Measuring quality and outcomes is a system priority.
ROSC Values:
    •    Recognize the right of a person to direct their own recovery
    •    Recognizing that there are many models of, and paths to, recovery
    •    Operate with integrity and a sense of personal responsibility
    •    Include the “voice” of peers, family members, and the community in planning and decision-making
    •    Implement programs with competency and good stewardship
    •    Empower individuals and families
    •    Embrace cultural diversity
ROSC Goals:
    •    Inform, educate and empower individuals and communities
    •    Determine existing services available as well as the needs to expand necessary services in the areas of prevention, treatment, peer recovery support and systems improvement
    •    Partnerships that are rich and diverse
    •    Increase in the number of people pursuing recovery, improving recovery capital to strengthen capacity to build and maintain lives in recovery and build recovery sustainability

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This project is funded in part by the Illinois Department of Human Services' (IDHS) Division of Substance Use Prevention and Recovery (SUPR) Grant #43CBC00123.