Summer Guidelines for Working On/Off-Campus

Dear Governors State Faculty and Staff,

As we continue through the Illinois stay-at-home schedule which Governor Pritzker has provided through the end of May, differences in the opening schedules for other states and the possibility of a higher on-campus presence in the fall semester have generated a number of questions regarding the continuation of work-from-home vs. on-campus. Instruction and student support services for summer session courses are being delivered remotely. At this point in time, no decision has been made regarding how instruction and student support services will be delivered in the fall semester. For employees who are not directly involved in instruction, advising or student support services, the following general guidelines should clarify the current situation for GSU.

1) We intend to continue staffing levels that we have now at least until August 1st. Generally, the message is, “If you can work, you should work from home.” Please consult with your supervisor on the conditions/limitations.

2) If you have to come on campus, please do so at a time when you know there are fewer numbers of other people on campus. Campus is open from 7am to 7pm Monday through Friday only. Please communicate to Public Safety before you come so they can inform you of any current issues and know that you are planning to be on campus.

3) As with going to any public venue, please wear facial covering and maintain a six-foot social distance.

4) Any unit/department that feels they need to bring employees back on campus or reopen services delivered on campus beyond what is currently offered will need to submit a plan to ERT emailing to the following address: ERT will then make a recommendation to the administration. There should be a compelling reason to change the staffing/service level however.

5) We should use the new summer flex-schedule, approved vacation and staggered schedules to minimize the number of people on campus at any given time, especially the number in any one work location.

6) As always, for the most current information regarding COVID-19 and GSU’s response please consult
These are difficult times to navigate—a journey that will be hastened only with our patience and cooperation.

Thank you, and stay well.
Mushtaq Choudhary and Carolyn Johnson
Co-Chairs, Emergency Response Team