There are several steps to obtaining a Tuition Assistance Voucher for NCPACE course registration.

Students interested in registering for NCPACE courses must first begin the VOLED Process, and then request funding through the MyNavy Education module accessible on the Navy College Program website. Please contact your OCONUS base’s Navy College Office or the Navy College Virtual Education Center (NCVEC) to get started.

  • The VOLED Process


    To begin the process of obtaining a Tuition Assistance Voucher, students must enter into the Navy Voluntary Education (VOLED) process. During the VOLED Process, you will meet your Navy College Education Counselor, develop and education plan, and secure funding for your education (including applying for the Tuition Assistance Voucher). You can find complete step-by-step instructions for the VOLED process on the Navy College Program website at

  • Requesting a Tuition Assistance Voucher


    Once you have completed the first steps of the VOLED Process, you will be directed to complete a WebTA Application on the My Education portal to receive your Tuition Assistance Voucher. If you have not already done so, you will be asked to provide a degree plan and upload it to the portal. If you are in need of a degree plan from Governors State University, please contact the NCPACE Coordinator for GSU, Angelica Damiani to obtain one at

    When completing the application for the voucher, please have the following information available: contact information for your command approved exam proctor, academic term dates (term dates are available on the Governors State's Academic Calendar), and tuition rate ($250 per credit hour at Governors State University).

  • Submitting a Tuition Assistance Voucher to GSU


    When your WebTA application has been processed, a copy of your Tuition Assistance Voucher will be available on the My Education portal. This must be forwarded by you to Governors State University before you will be registered for the course(s) you wish to complete. Please submit vouchers via email to NCPACE Coordinator Angelica Damiani at Once the voucher is received, you will contacted requesting biographical information to finalize your registration and enrollment in your course. You may then order your course materials and begin completion of coursework.

  • Additional Information: Ordering Course Materials


    Course material information will be provided to you upon registration, and can be ordered online at the retailer of your choice. It is recommended that you order materials as soon as possible once your Tuition Assistance Voucher has been submitted to GSU, as your allotted time for course completion will have begun once the voucher is processed through the My Education portal. Please note that the Tuition Assistance Voucher does not cover the cost of course materials. If you need assistance in paying for materials, please speak with your Navy College Education Counselor for scholarship or educational award opportunities.