Course material information will be provided to you upon registration, and can be ordered online at the retailer of your choice. The materials are available in the following format:

  • CD-ROM/ DVD-ROM courses


    Currently, all  NCPACE courses are conducted via CD-ROM/DVD-ROM based lecture videos, with an accompanying study guide booklet to guide you through the lectures and associated assignments. Quizzes and exams for courses are paper-based, and may require an exam proctor to conduct the exam. These materials will be sent to you as part of the course.

    In addition to the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM lectures and study guide booklets, some courses may require additional textbooks, etc. to complete course assignments. All of these materials can be ordered online though the retailer of your choice. Textbook information will provided upon registration.

    It is recommended that you order materials as soon as possible once your Tuition Assistance Voucher has been submitted to GSU, as your allotted time for course completion will have begun once the voucher is processed through the My Education portal.