Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Center for the Junior Year services and peer mentors are available online. The Center for the Junior Year engages and empowers students in exploring and clarifying their interests and goals, overcoming personal and academic challenges, and connecting to campus resources and opportunities.

1.     Is the Center for the Junior Year only for students in their junior year?

This is a common misconception! The Center for the Junior Year is for all students who are seeking academic and/or peer support with their transition to Governors State. The Center for the Junior Year is classically known as the “one stop shop” or the “building bridge” on campus; serving students from all different backgrounds and classes. The CJY takes student support and success very seriously and looks forward to helping each student with what they need because every student is different.

2.     What IS the CJY?

The Center for the Junior Year is an office and a resource on campus that promotes student support, advocacy, and success. Classically known as the “one stop shop” or “building bridge” on campus; the CJY serves students from all different backgrounds and classes. More importantly, the CJY is a safe space for our students on campus to express their concerns. Whether its personal, academic, or professional, the CJY aims to provide support wherever it is needed most.

3.     What’s the role of a peer mentor?

The CJY peer mentors are students first. Our peer mentors understand the transition to a 4-year university while going above and beyond to help and support students with challenges students face at school. Our peer mentors come from different backgrounds and majors, but all have the same goal: helping students develop a better understanding of themselves as students and what tools and support they need to accentuate their experiences towards degree completion.

4.     How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected CJY and its support towards students?

The transition for everyone was difficult. At the CJY we believe it is important to be as transparent as possible when guiding and supporting students, so, acknowledging that transition was the main source of concern. Making sure students were safe, healthy, and comfortable as possible while also navigating the remote world and attending classes virtually. Everything changed overnight, but the unwavering support of the CJY towards GSU students and community did not. Peers began meeting with students via Blackboard collaborate, Zoom, WebEx, and even through e-mail. The CJY office also transitioned virtually to a Blackboard room, Monday-Friday, with peers and professional staff alike with their cameras and mics on. The virtual CJY office grew with more peers (15 in total!) along with professional CJY staff, having anyone believe that there wasn’t any struggle all along.

5.     I’m interested in connecting with the CJY, how can I do that?

We’re happy to help you! You can visit the virtual CJY using this link.

Our hours are: Monday & Thursday, 9 a.m. -7 p.m. Tuesday, W, Friday 9-5 p.m.

Work With A Coach

Work With A Coach

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Meet Your Advisors

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Why CJY?

Why CJY?

Explore CJY Online Resources to open the doors to the "hidden job" market, or graduate or professional school (e.g., business, law, physical therapy/occupational therapy, medical school).